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  1. techpartners

    Ask ite it8686e?

    do you have pinout fot ite it8686e?
  2. BenjaminLines

    Ask danlagmbab0 rev b.

    I need a photo of ite part
  3. S

    Ask How can I program an ITE IT8226 Super IO with RT809F?

    The motherboard is Lenovo Y7000 EY515/EY517/EY519/EY520 NM-B701 What Pins do I need to connect? Please help. Thanks!
  4. G

    Schematics Schematics Super I/O ITE IT8628E request?

    Does anyone have a pdf for IT8628E or some information on registers, programming needs.
  5. ThienBui

    EC, IO, KBC Programming and non Programming

    EC, IO, KBC Programming and non Programming. ( EC, IO (super IO), KBC have the same name ) ENE/KBxxxx Programming KB9012 Yes KB9016 Yes KB901 Yes KB9022 Yes KB9028 Yes KB9010 Yes KB3930qf/b1 Yes KB926QF No KB3926qf No KB930QP No KB910 No kb3940Q No ITE/ITxxxx...
  6. ThienBui

    ITE connect and Programming

    ITE connect and Programming ite it8585e programmable ite it8586e programmable ite it8985e programmable ite it8587e programmable ite it8522 programmable ite it8987e programmable ite it8589 programmable ite it8522 programmable ite IT8380E programmable 192kb ite IT8380VG programmable 192kb ite...
  7. S

    Lenovo G50 ITE cannot conect with Vertianov Eeeprom

    Hi i have this laptop charge but not power up . Button have 3,3v and 3,3v feedback of butoon. i think i need to program ITE chip. but my soft vertianov dont have configuration of nm-A362 , so i dont have schematic to configure that pin . any help please
  8. ThienBui


    IT8527E/EX Datasheet PN: 6019B1080201
  9. ThienBui

    How to extract ECROM ENE & ITE all model HP 2019-08-26

    Today we guide you to extract files ECROM series Laptop HP. Support all model HP have ECROM KB9012, KB9010, IT8585, IT8586, IT8587...etc - We always update when there are new tricks :D - Of course then you will be free to download updates. - Guide have Video & Phoenix tool
  10. IT8987E