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Hi sir... I need bios and ec file for Acer Predator 15 g9-592 with board part number p5ncn/p7ncn main board rev: 2.0

Main bios 16mb
ec bios 1mb

Thanks in advanced...
Sir, please I need you to guide me on the type of EEPROM programing adapter that can be used for these latest bios chips, like the bios chip for hp elitebook 840 g3 and above? The ones that I have can only read the g1 and g2. How do I get the right adapter? Thanks
All the models mentioned above are the same programming, I don't understand what problem you have? Can provide pictures or videos I check?
What program opens up /Quanta G34A DAG34AMB6D0_SKL_U_N16S_20160105_SMT.brd ?Auto Desk does not work.