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HP 15-DB0337UR EPV51 LA-G078P Rev: 1.0

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HP 15-DB0337UR(4RK85EA) EPV51 LA-G078P Rev: 1.0
084AC 8MB and ENE
084AE 16MB and ENE
HP 15-DB LA-G078P EPV51_Rev1.0_2018.03.09_UMA photo
LA-G078P r1.0.cad

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084AC 8MB and ENE.zip
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084AE 16MB and ENE.zip
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LA-G078P r1.0.cad.zip
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Hello, i have this computer but without dedicated graphics, turn on and white display for 2 seconds, after shut down.
I attach bios file for buils

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