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HP 15-bs526ur LA-E791P Rev 1.0

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CSL50 LA-E791P (REV 1.0).jpgHP 15-bs526ur LA-E791P Rev 1.0
15-BS057UR LA-E791P Rev1.0 (UMA) photo
HP 250 G6 - LA-E791P - LA-E801P CSL50 - CSL52 boardview.cad

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Good morning.
When I install the vinafix bios (HP OK file) the PC works, but stops working when the BIOS is updated through the HP website or through Windows update.
The file (Customer no image after update) was the one that was updated and stopped working (PC turns on without image).
The Bios Update I did was the latest version from the HP website.
PC HP 250 G6
PCB: GS440 GS540 NMC511 REV 1.0.

Can you do a rebuild so that it works with the latest bios version?
Thanks in advance

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