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Unlock Password BIOS

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Tool dành cho laptop Dell (Sử dụng tool tương ứng với mã tag báo trên máy)
595B Dell Password13.rar
Pha Password DELL D35B.rar
Pha Pasword DELL new 2A7B A95B.rar

After typing your password, to accept press left CTRL key and holding this key Press Enter twice.

Dell Password Removal - How to use
Service Tag: D35B

1. Turn on the notebook. Let it boot to the Primary or Administrator Password Screen.
*Example of the Screen Below:

2. Open up "DellMasterPassword.EXE"

3. Then once its opened enter your service tag in all caps just like it appears on the screen.
Example of how to enter it Below:

4. Then press enter after you have entered it correctly.

5. Your password will be generated. Once it's done your password will be after the "-->"
*Example of the password "r729pgmn" Below:


6. Now enter your password on the Primary or Administrator Password Screen. Then hold down the Ctrl-key and press Enter twice

1. On a German keyboard The key: Z = Y
2. This System does not work with Service Tags: *******-595B

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595B Dell Password13.rar
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Pha Password DELL D35B.rar
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Pha Pasword DELL new 2A7B A95B.rar
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