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Oct 31, 2015
give a free testing file then be a paid member i want to lenovo h520 bios i want lots of bios because i am professonal work when i check it then i pay for paid member


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Dec 9, 2015
Lenovo BIOS series model:

Note: Version càng mới càng tốt ( new as possible ) :D


100 Series (IdeaPad)
100-14IBY Laptop (ideapad)
100-15IBY Laptop (ideapad)

300 Series (IdeaPad)
305-14IBD Laptop (ideapad)
305-15ABM Laptop (IdeaPad)
305-15IBD Laptop (IdeaPad)
305-15IBY Laptop (IdeaPad)
305-15IHW Laptop (IdeaPad)

500 Series (ideapad)
500-15ACZ Laptop (ideapad)

A Series
A10 Laptop (Lenovo)

IdeaPad N Series laptops
N580 Laptop (IdeaPad)
N581 Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

N585 Laptop (IdeaPad)
N586 Laptop (IdeaPad)

IdeaPad P Series laptops
P400 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
P500 Laptop (IdeaPad)
P500 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

P580 Laptop (IdeaPad)
P585 Laptop (IdeaPad)

IdeaPad S Series netbooks
S10 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S100 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S100c Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

S10-2 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S10-3 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S10-3c Laptop (IdeaPad)
S10-3s Laptop (IdeaPad)
S10-3t Laptop (IdeaPad)
S10e Laptop (IdeaPad)
S110 Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

S12 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S200 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S205 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S205s Laptop (IdeaPad)
S206 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S210 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S210 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

S215 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S300 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S310 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S400 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S400 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
S400u Laptop (IdeaPad)
S405 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S410 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S410p Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

S410p Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
S415 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S415 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
S500 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S500 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
S510p Laptop (IdeaPad)
S510p Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
S9 Laptop (IdeaPad)
S9e Laptop (IdeaPad)

IdeaPad U Series laptops
U110 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U130 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U150 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U160 Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

U165 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U260 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U300e Laptop (IdeaPad)
U300s Laptop (IdeaPad)
U310 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U310 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
U330 Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

U330 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
U330p Laptop (IdeaPad)
U350 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U400 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U410 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U410 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
U430 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
U430p Laptop (IdeaPad)
U450 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U450p Laptop (IdeaPad)
U455 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U460 Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

U460s Laptop (IdeaPad)
U510 Laptop (IdeaPad)
U530 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
U550 Laptop (IdeaPad)

IdeaPad V Series laptops
V360 Laptop (IdeaPad)
V460 Laptop (IdeaPad)

IdeaPad Y Series laptops
Y330 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y400 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y410P Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

Y450 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y460 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y460P Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

Y470 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y470P Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y471A Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y480 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y500 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y510 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y510P Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y530 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y550 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y550A Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y550P Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y560 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y560P Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y570 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y580 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y650 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Y710 Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

Y730 Laptop (IdeaPad)

IdeaPad Z Series laptops
Z360 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z370 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z380 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z400 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z400 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z410 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z460 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z465 Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

Z470 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z475 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z480 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z485 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z500 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z500 Touch Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z510 Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

Z560 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z565 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z570 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z575 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z580 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z585 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Z710 Laptop (IdeaPad)

LaVie series (Lenovo)
LaVie Z Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo B Series laptops
B40-30 Laptop (Lenovo)
B40-45 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

B40-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
B41-35 Laptop (Lenovo)
B430 Laptop (Lenovo)
B4400 Laptop (Lenovo)
B4400s Laptop (Lenovo)
B4450s Laptop (Lenovo)
B450 Laptop (Lenovo)
B460 Laptop (Lenovo)
B460e Laptop (Lenovo)
B470 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

B470e Laptop (Lenovo)
B475 Laptop (Lenovo)
B475e Laptop (Lenovo)
B480 Laptop (Lenovo)
B485 Laptop (Lenovo)
B490 Laptop (Lenovo)
B490s Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

B50-10 Laptop (Lenovo)
B50-30 Laptop (Lenovo)
B50-30 Touch Laptop (Lenovo)
B50-45 Laptop (Lenovo)
B50-70 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

B51-35 Laptop (Lenovo)
B5400 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

B550 Laptop (Lenovo)
B560 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

B570 Laptop (Lenovo)
B570e Laptop (Lenovo)
B570e2 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

B575 Laptop (Lenovo)
B575e Laptop (Lenovo)
B580 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

B590 Laptop (Lenovo)
B70-80 Laptop (Lenovo)
Lenovo B40-80 Laptop vinafix

Lenovo B50-80 Laptop

Lenovo E Series laptops
E10-30 Laptop (Lenovo)
E31-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
E40-30 Laptop (Lenovo)
E40-70 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

E40-80 Laptop (Lenovo)
E43 Laptop (Lenovo)
E4325 Laptop (Lenovo)
E4430 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

E46 Laptop (Lenovo)
E49 Laptop (Lenovo)
E50-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
E50-80 Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo Edge Series Laptops
Edge 15 Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo Flex Series Laptops
Flex 2 Pro-15 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix
Flex 10 Laptop (Lenovo)
Flex 14 Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

Flex 14D Laptop (IdeaPad)
Flex 15 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Flex 15D Laptop (IdeaPad) vinafix

Flex 2-14 Laptop (Lenovo)
Flex 2-14D Laptop (Lenovo)
Flex 2-15 Laptop (Lenovo)
Flex 2-15D Laptop (Lenovo)
Flex 3 -1435 Laptop (Lenovo)
Flex 3-1120 Laptop (Lenovo)
Flex 3-1470 Laptop (Lenovo)
Flex 3-1570 Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo G Series laptops vinafix
G360 Laptop (Lenovo)
G400 Laptop (Lenovo)
G400s Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

G400s Touch Laptop (Lenovo)
G40-30 Laptop (Lenovo)
G40-45 Laptop (Lenovo)
G405 Laptop (Lenovo)
G405s Laptop (Lenovo)
G40-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
G40-80 Laptop (Lenovo)
G410 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

G410s Touch Laptop (Lenovo)
G41-35 Laptop (Lenovo)
G450 Laptop (Lenovo)
G455 Laptop (Lenovo)
G460 Laptop (Lenovo)
G460e Laptop (Lenovo)
G465 Laptop (Lenovo)
G470 Laptop (Lenovo)
G475 Laptop (Lenovo)
G480 Laptop (Lenovo)
G485 Laptop (Lenovo)
G500 Laptop (Lenovo)
G500s Laptop (Lenovo)
G500s Touch Laptop (Lenovo)
G50-30 Laptop (Lenovo)
G50-45 Laptop (Lenovo)
G505 Laptop (Lenovo)
G505s Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

G50-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
G50-80 Laptop (Lenovo)
G50-80 Touch Laptop (Lenovo)
G510 Laptop (Lenovo)
G510s Laptop (Lenovo)
G51-35 Laptop (Lenovo)
G530 Laptop (Lenovo)
G550 Laptop (Lenovo)
G555 Laptop (Lenovo)
G560 Laptop (Lenovo)
G560e Laptop (Lenovo)
G565 Laptop (Lenovo)
G570 Laptop (Lenovo)
G575 Laptop (Lenovo)
G580 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

G585 Laptop (Lenovo)
G700 Laptop (Lenovo)
G70-35 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

G70-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
G70-80 Laptop (Lenovo)
G710 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

G770 Laptop (Lenovo
G780 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

Lenovo K Series laptops vinafix
K23 Laptop (Lenovo)
K2450 Laptop (Lenovo)
K29 Laptop (Lenovo)
K4350 Laptop (Lenovo)
K4450 Laptop (Lenovo)
K49 Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo M Series laptops vinafix
M30-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
M4400 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

M4400s Laptop (Lenovo)
M4450 Laptop (Lenovo)
M490 Laptop (Lenovo)
M490s Laptop (Lenovo)
M495 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

M50-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
M5400 Laptop (Lenovo)
M5400 Touch Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

Lenovo N Series laptops vinafix
N20 Chromebook (Lenovo)
N200 Laptop (3000)
N20p Chromebook (Lenovo) vinafix

N21 Chromebook (Lenovo)
N500 Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo S Series laptops
S20-30 Laptop (Lenovo)
S20-30 Touch Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

S21e-20 Laptop (Lenovo)
S40-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
S41-35 Laptop (Lenovo)
S41-70 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

S435 Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo U Series laptops
U31-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
U41-70 Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo V Series laptops vinafix
V200 Laptop (3000)
V370 Laptop (Lenovo)
V4400 Laptop (Lenovo)
V4400u Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

V470 Laptop (Lenovo)
V470c Laptop (Lenovo)
V480 Laptop (Lenovo)
V480c Laptop (Lenovo)
V480s Laptop (Lenovo)
V490u Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

V560 Laptop (Lenovo)
V570 Laptop (Lenovo)
V570c Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

V580 Laptop (Lenovo)
V580c Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo Y Series laptops vinafix
Y40-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
Y40-80 Laptop (Lenovo)
Y50-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
Y50-70 Touch Laptop (Lenovo)
Y70-70 Touch Laptop (Lenovo)

Lenovo Z Series laptops
Z40-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
Z40-75 Laptop (Lenovo)
Z41-70 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

Z50-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
Z50-75 Laptop (Lenovo) vinafix

Z51-70 Laptop (Lenovo)
Z70-80 Laptop (Lenovo)

ThinkPad 11e Series Chromebook laptops
ThinkPad 11e Chromebook

ThinkPad 11e Series laptops
ThinkPad 11e (Type 20D9, 20DA)
ThinkPad 11e (Type 20E6, 20E8) vinafix

ThinkPad 11e (Type 20ED, 20EE)

ThinkPad Edge laptops
ThinkPad E45
ThinkPad E450c vinafix

ThinkPad E455
ThinkPad E550
ThinkPad E550c
ThinkPad E555 vinafix

ThinkPad Edge 11
ThinkPad Edge 13
ThinkPad Edge 14
ThinkPad Edge 15 vinafix

ThinkPad Edge E10
ThinkPad Edge E120
ThinkPad Edge E125
ThinkPad Edge E130
ThinkPad Edge E135
ThinkPad Edge E145
ThinkPad Edge E220s
ThinkPad Edge E30
ThinkPad Edge E31
ThinkPad Edge E320 vinafix

ThinkPad Edge E325
ThinkPad Edge E330
ThinkPad Edge E335
ThinkPad Edge E40
ThinkPad Edge E420
ThinkPad Edge E420s vinafix

ThinkPad Edge E425
ThinkPad Edge E430
ThinkPad Edge E430c
ThinkPad Edge E431
ThinkPad Edge E435
ThinkPad Edge E440
ThinkPad Edge E445
ThinkPad Edge E50
ThinkPad Edge E520 vinafix

ThinkPad Edge E525
ThinkPad Edge E530
ThinkPad Edge E530c
ThinkPad Edge E531
ThinkPad Edge E535
ThinkPad Edge E540 vinafix

ThinkPad Edge E545
ThinkPad Edge L330
ThinkPad Edge S430

ThinkPad Helix Series laptops
ThinkPad Helix (Type 20CG, 20CH) vinafix
ThinkPad Helix (Type 3xxx)

ThinkPad L Series laptops
ThinkPad L410 vinafix
ThinkPad L412
ThinkPad L420
ThinkPad L421
ThinkPad L430
ThinkPad L440
ThinkPad L450
ThinkPad L510
ThinkPad L512
ThinkPad L520 vinafix

ThinkPad L530
ThinkPad L540

ThinkPad R Series laptops
ThinkPad R400
ThinkPad R50
ThinkPad R500 vinafix

ThinkPad R50e
ThinkPad R50p
ThinkPad R51
ThinkPad R51e
ThinkPad R52
ThinkPad R60i vinafix

ThinkPad R61 vinafix
ThinkPad R61e
ThinkPad R61i

ThinkPad Reserve Edition laptops
ThinkPad Reserve Edition

ThinkPad S Series laptops
ThinkPad S430
ThinkPad S431 vinafix

ThinkPad S440
ThinkPad S531
ThinkPad S540 vinafix

ThinkPad SL Series laptops
ThinkPad SL300 vinafix
ThinkPad SL400
ThinkPad SL400c
ThinkPad SL410 vinafix

ThinkPad SL500
ThinkPad SL500c
ThinkPad SL510 vinafix

ThinkPad T Series laptops
ThinkPad T40
ThinkPad T400
ThinkPad T400s
ThinkPad T40p vinafix

ThinkPad T41
ThinkPad T410
ThinkPad T410i
ThinkPad T410s
ThinkPad T410si
ThinkPad T41p
ThinkPad T42
ThinkPad T420
ThinkPad T420i vinafix

ThinkPad T420s
ThinkPad T420si
ThinkPad T42p
ThinkPad T43
ThinkPad T430
ThinkPad T430i vinafix

ThinkPad T430s
ThinkPad T430si
ThinkPad T430u vinafix

ThinkPad T431s
ThinkPad T43p
ThinkPad T440 vinafix

ThinkPad T440p
ThinkPad T440s vinafix

ThinkPad T450
ThinkPad T450s
ThinkPad T500
ThinkPad T510
ThinkPad T510i vinafix

ThinkPad T520
ThinkPad T520i vinafix

ThinkPad T530
ThinkPad T530i vinafix

ThinkPad T540p vinafix
ThinkPad T550
ThinkPad T60 vinafix

ThinkPad T60p
ThinkPad T61 vinafix

ThinkPad T61p

ThinkPad Twist Series laptops
ThinkPad Twist S230u

ThinkPad W Series laptops
ThinkPad W500
ThinkPad W510
ThinkPad W520
ThinkPad W530
ThinkPad W540
ThinkPad W541
ThinkPad W550s
ThinkPad W700
ThinkPad W700ds
ThinkPad W701
ThinkPad W701ds

ThinkPad X Series Chromebook laptops
ThinkPad X131e Chromebook

ThinkPad X Series laptops
ThinkPad X1
ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Type 20A7, 20A8)
ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Type 20BS, 20BT)
ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Type 34xx)
ThinkPad X1 Hybrid
ThinkPad X100e
ThinkPad X120e vinafix
ThinkPad X121e
ThinkPad X130e
ThinkPad X131e
ThinkPad X140e
ThinkPad X200 vinafix

ThinkPad X200s
ThinkPad X200si
ThinkPad X201
ThinkPad X201i vinafix

ThinkPad X201s
ThinkPad X220
ThinkPad X220i
ThinkPad X230
ThinkPad X230i
ThinkPad X230s
ThinkPad X240
ThinkPad X240s
ThinkPad X250
ThinkPad X300
ThinkPad X301
ThinkPad X40
ThinkPad X60
ThinkPad X60s
ThinkPad X61
ThinkPad X61s

ThinkPad X Series Tablet laptops
ThinkPad X200 Tablet
ThinkPad X201 Tablet
ThinkPad X201i Tablet
ThinkPad X220 Tablet
ThinkPad X220i Tablet
ThinkPad X230 Tablet
ThinkPad X230i Tablet
ThinkPad X41 Tablet
ThinkPad X60 Tablet
ThinkPad X61 Tablet

ThinkPad Yoga Series Chromebook laptops
ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook

ThinkPad Yoga Series laptops
ThinkPad Yoga
ThinkPad Yoga 11e (Type 20D9, 20DA)
ThinkPad Yoga 11e (Type 20E5, 20E7)
ThinkPad Yoga 12
ThinkPad Yoga 14
ThinkPad Yoga 15

ThinkPad Z Series laptops
ThinkPad Z60m
ThinkPad Z61e

Yoga Series

Yoga 11 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Yoga 11s Laptop (IdeaPad)
Yoga 13 Laptop (IdeaPad)
Yoga 2 11 Laptop (Lenovo)
Yoga 2 13 Laptop (Lenovo)
Yoga 2 Pro Laptop (Lenovo)
Yoga 3 Pro-1370 Laptop (Lenovo)
Yoga 300-11IBY Laptop (IdeaPad)
Yoga 3-1170 Laptop (Lenovo)
Yoga 3-1470 Laptop (Lenovo)
Yoga 500-14ACL Laptop (IdeaPad)
Yoga 500-14IBD Laptop (IdeaPad)
Yoga 500-14IHW Laptop (IdeaPad)
Yoga 500-15IBD Laptop (IdeaPad)
Yoga 500-15IHW Laptop (IdeaPad)

Lenovo All-in-One

IdeaCentre A Series all-in-ones
A300 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
A310 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
A320 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
A520 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
A530 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
A600 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
A700 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
A720 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
A730 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)

IdeaCentre B Series all-in-ones
B300 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B305 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B310 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B320 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B325 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B340 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B345 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B350 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B500 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B505 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B510 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B520 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B520e All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B540 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B540p All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B545 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B550 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B550 Touch All-in-One (IdeaCentre)
B750 All-in-One (IdeaCentre)

IdeaCentre K Series desktops
K200 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K210 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K220 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K230 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K300 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K305 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K315 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K320 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K330 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K330B Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K410 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K415 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K430 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K450 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
K450e Desktop (IdeaCentre)

IdeaCentre Q Series desktops
Q100 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
Q110 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
Q150 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
Q180 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
Q190 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
Q200 Desktop (IdeaCentre)
Q700 Desktop (IdeaCentre)

Lenovo A Series all in ones
A540 All-in-One (Lenovo)
A740 All-in-One (Lenovo)

Lenovo B Series all in ones
B40-30 All-in-One (Lenovo)
B40-30 Touch All-in-One (Lenovo)
B50-30 All-in-One (Lenovo)
B50-30 Touch All-in-One (Lenovo)
B50-35 All-in-One (Lenovo)

Lenovo C Series all-in-ones
C20-05 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C20-30 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C205 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C225 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C240 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C245 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C255 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C260 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C260 Touch All-in-One (Lenovo)
C315 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C320 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C325 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C340 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C345 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C355 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C360 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C365 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C40-05 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C40-30 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C440 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C440 Touch All-in-One (Lenovo)
C445 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C455 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C460 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C470 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C50-30 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C540 All-in-One (Lenovo)
C540 Touch All-in-One (Lenovo)
C560 All-in-One (Lenovo)
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