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BGA KIDI R580 User Manual

Discussion in 'Tools' started by ThienBui, Nov 26, 2014.

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    Dec 13, 2013
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    KIDI R580 User Manual.
    KIDI R580.

    I.Installation and Operating Precautions

    To ensure safety and prevent possible damage to the rework station, it is required to install the
    rework station at a location complying with the following conditions.
    ◆ Away from inflammables.
    ◆ Free from splashing of water or other liquids.
    ◆ Free from the direct airflow impact from air conditioner, heater or ventilator.
    ◆ With good ventilation, dry location, free from excessive dust.
    ◆ Free from vibration or shock, at a stable and flat location.

    Power Supply
    Power and voltage should meet the following requirements:
    Use the power supply with little voltage fluctuation
    Voltage fluctuation: AC220V±10%。
    Frequency fluctuation: 50/60Hz±0. 3%
    Space Requirements
    To facilitate operation, component replacement and maintenance for the rework station, it
    is required to reserve >300mm space at the back of the rework station.

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