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Thủ thuật BlackBerry Tools

Discussion in 'Schematic & Service manual' started by ThienBui, Mar 12, 2015.

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    Dec 13, 2013
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    Main Features

    • Sideload (install) Bar files - does not require development mode
    • All the file extraction from autoloaders
    • Detects if an OS is for OMAP (STL100-1), qc8960 (Z10, Z30, Q10, etc) or qc8974 (Passport only at this time)
    • Extract specific apps only
    • Compare loaders/blitz packages and extract changed apps
    • Split Autoloaders
    • Build Autoloaders - directly from BAR files that contain the signed files if they're available
    • Search for Updates and Software Release Versions.
    • Option to auto-install when downloading update files
    • eScreen Code generation
    • Delete apps from the phone
    • Lists of apps to ignore/delete for automation purposes
    • Can talk to multiple phones




    Changelog - since just recompiled because was being detected as a potential virus by kaspersky. bar file renamer - drag/drop files onto app to rename them based on their manifest info
    changes so computer time being more than 5 hours off won't prevent communication with the phone.
    many more small bugfixes not released
    Fix - Max OSX zip files with metadata in the __MACOSX folder were messing things up, an exception was made.
    Added - More support for blitzes.
    New - beta feature, may be bugs: If multiple phones are plugged in it'll ask which one you want to talk to. Loading multiple copies you should be able to talk to multiple phones at the same time.
    New - Can extract/compare blitz files with other OS files or your phone
    New - List Management for multiple delete/ignore lists.
    Fixed status message after install
    Fixed patch/delta installs which weren't handled right. minor bug fixes Just added back in the 2nd alpha server for lookups since it appears to be returning different results. Merged the 2 delete/ignore lists into one.
    Bug fixes - like install only newer bar files wasn't working
    Added progress indicator to deleting apps A few bug fixes. Added ability to delete apps from phone
    added an ignore list for installing bar files - useful if you want a faster blitz install by ignoring unneeded languages, retaildemo, etc. Build the list once and you can always ignore those apps without having to break down the blitz and select what you do want to install, or delete the unneeded apps again afterwards.
    added a quick select list for file deletions - if you always want to delete unneeded languages, retaildemo, or other apps, can build a list once and at a click of a button select everything you want to delete. minor fix in comparing files where it'd give a message saying there were no apps, but really there were, but you could compare anyways so the error was pointless. a lot of additions to 'blitz' type loader support. Such as detection of multiple OS or Radio, detection of no suitable OS even though it looks like you want to install one, and the ability to override and select your own in any of these situations. fixed bug in that prevented app extraction. Don't use fixed passport os links for 10.3.1+
    added 'blitz' package support
    added smart os/radio upgrades so only the proper ones should sideload
    added version checking for bar files so only new ones sideloaded
    options to turn on or off the previous 2 additions. Fixed lookups so betazone not being checked. Redid version lookups to search Alpha/beta/production and to look for downloads on both production/betazone (not that betazone matters as it appears to have been re-secured minutes after I released this version so won't get anything from it) Custom request feature added. If background.jpg is found in same directory will use an image for background. Finished rewriting a few things, added more info to building autoloaders page so you can see what components are going into it. Beta versions testing new compatability for 10.3.1 OS files. - just added the Alpha and Alpha2 servers for updates. - fixed bug in building autoloader that was introduced in I think - hopefully fixed a not responding issue. It wasn't related to too much memory being used, but it was just the IO operations blocking the main UI thread. A lot of threading improvements are in here. Now very little is actually being done on the main thread, they're all on worker threads. - too many 2s in the version number. Fixed a bug that Thurask pointed out with copying names to clipboard after comparing OS to a phone. fixed a bug in CAP.EXE extraction routines which only affected loaders created with the latest CAP using CAP CREATE fixed previous login bugs so not using a workaround
    - Where you could previous compare 2 OS files for apps, you can now compare an OS directly to what's installed on your phone if it's plugged in. fixed login bug when you had a device password.
    Added bar file installation - does not require development mode
    - as this is a first release, there may be some bugs
    - also, I know Sachesi does a pretty darn good job at this, but I did this as a learning exercise and provided a slightly different interface (you can build a list of bar files and send them when the list is complete instead of drag/drop or full folder of bar files)
    Linked OS update download to bar file install
    Also, plays nice with Sachesi and Link. Can have multiple programs running without interrupting the others even though you can still only do one thing at a time.

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