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BGA BGA T-870A manual

Discussion in 'Tools' started by ThienBui, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. ThienBui

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    Dec 13, 2013
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    1. Use of infrared welding technology which is developed independently.
    2. Use of an infrared heat lamp. Heat is easy to pierce and distribute evenly, which
    overcomes disadvantage (burn out elements) of traditional welding machines.
    3. Easy operation. You just need one-day training and you can operate it skillfully.
    4. No need for unsolder tools. This machine can unsolder all components between
    35 -50 mm.
    5. This machine has 800W hot-melt system. Its preheating area is 240 x 180 mm.
    6. Infrared heating without heated air flowing. No impact on circumjacent small
    elements. It is suitable for all of the elements, especially Micro BGA components.
    7. The T-870A is suitable for a variety of computers, notebooks and the rework or repair
    of their BGA components, especially in a Northbridge /Southbridge chipset

    computer architecture.

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