Asus X541NA rev. 2.1

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Luís Amaral

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Oct 7, 2015
now i just confirmed as your bios major part of the time are NOT OK !!! NONE of this bios makes the computer to disaply image , with my original bios everythihng is working ok .

why i tryed your bios ? well machine had a short on 19volts rail , but since it was open i wanted to show to you that sometimes you guys simply put bios on the site and not even make sure they are ok ! and make people download like crazys and then you guys still say to people , hardware problem you must chek all .
so first before you say to people to chek hardware , chek first yourself and your colegues the bad bios you put in the site and you put ppl trying to run does bios when manuy times they are not even working properly ....
so think about that , its easy geting 80 dollars plus extra per year , so also make the attetion of puting only DECENT AND WORKING BIOS .
5.00 star(s) 1 Vote