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We have this laptop Asus E502NA Rev 2.1, laptop was working only couldn´t wake up after sleep mode. So we flashed BIOS, after flash laptop don´t turn on ( 0.10A conscuption) so we flashed the backup file. Same result (0.10A conscuption) We inspected the laptop motherboard all voltages are present, we use Elnec Beeprog programmer (not any chineese cheap stuff...) . Do you anyone have an idea what could be problem ? Voltages +19V, 3,3V, 5V, 1.3V, 1.08V .... all there measured ITE pins no problem there, 3V on power buton, but not turning on. Even with an original flash we always make a backup. Please can you send us the one working file from all that are here posted? Thank you