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    Ask Programming ENE9028 RT809F

    Hi all, I'm having trouble detecting a SuperIO. ENE KB9028 using RT809F which says it supports KB9028. it's programmable through SPI Flash. From schematics I have connected the RT809F as follows. Pin 1 CS to > Pin128, Pin 2 DO to > Pin120, Pin 4 G to Ground. Pin 5 DI to Pin119, Pin 6 CLK to...
  2. S

    Ask How can I program an ITE IT8226 Super IO with RT809F?

    The motherboard is Lenovo Y7000 EY515/EY517/EY519/EY520 NM-B701 What Pins do I need to connect? Please help. Thanks!
  3. J

    Ask hello admin..can rt809f programmer edit bios for 840 g3 motherboard??

  4. Jeffrey_Cayanan21

    Ask rt809f isp programmer possible to read and write SIO chipset

    rt809f isp programmer possible to read and write SIO chipset like ITE chips???
  5. ThienBui


    RT809F updated instructions Modify 93C45-55 algorithm Modification of mass production mode; Add W25N/TC58CVG series SPI NAND chip; Add AT45DB64xx series SPI DATAFLASH; Modify the default delay value of reading&writing by serial port; Installation Notice 1.Before the software is iinstalled, do...
  6. TF BGA 24-ball ROM RT809F

    TF BGA 24-ball ROM RT809F

  7. ThienBui

    RT809F programmer software release

    RT809F, 20170518-MultiLanguage version Downloads New Support : MEC1633,IT8XXX_ISP @PEB-1,IT8586E,IT8580E,28/29/39/49/50 series NOR Flash @ DIP/PLCC32/TSOP32/VSOP32/TSOP40/TSOP48 #PEB-1,RTD UART series, MTK UART series, ISL24837A,SM4051D,SM4053B, SW5084A, CM602, FLI32626 , BUFxxx series GAMMA...
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    Setup PIN EC KB9012 với RT809F

    K45VD EC KB9012QF A3 Tên/Ký hiệu | KB9012|RT809F | JKB1/KEYBOARD | Chú ý EDI_CS /KSI4 | 59 | 5 | 15 | 5 RT -> 15 KB EDI_CLK /KSI5 | 60 |10 | 19 | 10 RT -> 19 KB EDI_DIN /KSI6 | 61 | 9 | 16 | 9 RT -> 16 KB EDI_D0 /KSI7 | 62 | 6 | 17 | 6 RT -> 17 KB TP_PLL_Lock/KS03 | 42 |8 | 22/GND | 8 RT -> GND...
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    Review RT809F Serial ISP USB Universal EPROM FLASH Programmer

    RT809F dùng chép ROM cho các các dòng laptop có ROM tích hợp trong chíp I/O KB9012QF-A3,chép ROM cho KB9012QF-A4,...và các thiết bị điện tử thông dụng TV,đầu đĩa , màn hình LCD.....Dể dàng kết nối cà sử dụng với máy tính qua cồng USB... RT809f-Isp backup software REALTEK/RTD series external...