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  1. M

    Ask MEC153

    any one have solution to read or wrught the eeprom 1k o 2k in new chip MEC1653 . i try to remlaced new chip and i programming with svod3 all ok .laptop power on but no dissplay just beep error .
  2. ThienBui

    Rewrite the SN / UUID after programming MEC for Lenovo

    Rewrite the SN / UUID after programming MEC for Lenovo EC MEC1633, MEC1632, MEC1609, MEC16, MEC50 note: Many users ask how to crack the superuser password. This chip is 192KB of Flash plus 2KB of EEPROM (stores the SVP superuser password and UUID). Through the JTAG interface, the flash can be...
  3. abuholm

    MEC 5075 how to disable boot block protection?

    Hello I'm working on Dell E7440 (LA-9591P) with a blank Mec5075 and I want to disable boot block so I can program the entire chip. I read elsewhere that grounding FWP# pin will disable boot block protection, but programmer indicates that boot block is still protected. I am using SVOD1...
  4. B

    MEC connect Programming JTAG

    MEC connect Programming JTAG NM-A131P.jpg Carbon X1.jpg.zip NM-A091 MEC1633L JTAG point.jpg.zip NM-A102.jpg.zip NM-A131 MEC1633L Jtag Interface.zip MEC1621 MBX-256 MBX-237 MBX-237 MEC1609 MEC1619 MEC1621 MBX-256