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  2. ThienBui

    BIOS lenovo yoga slim 7 14ITL05 DALS2BMBAG0 LS2B

    lenovo yoga slim 7 14ITL05 DALS2BMBAG0 LS2B
  3. M

    Ask Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 9th-Gen (Type 20XW, 20XX) NM-D341

    client came after windows update, laptop turns on but black screen also no external screen. I took Bios Dump from 2 chips. both chips has ME inside I think bios is corrupted cause FIT failed to open it tried to Clean ME manually, not worked does anyone have dump?
  4. P

    Ask lenovo t450s bios lock

    please help me i need patch file
  5. R

    Help Tips Lenovo E595 Bios

    Im Looking for a copy of the bios with password disabled or a patched file to allow removal of the password. Any assistance ius appreciated. the file attached is the bios that i read from my chip. and picture attached
  6. A

    Ask lenovo legion Y540-15IRH

    hello i have this lenovo legion Y540 a 9th series intel cpu with rtx nvidia the problem is that after bios update the screen gone. i turn on without battery and without cmos batery it turn on but power button and power light is blinking, i put the cmos battery and the laptop battery i turn on...
  7. C

    Ask Lenovo yoga 500-14IDB 80N4

    Good afternoon, I have my Lenovo yoga 500-14IDB 80N4 motherboard model. LT 14MB 14217-1m. The problem is the following when connecting the charger the equipment becomes very slow I have used the cpu-z application and hw monitor I observe that the speed of the processor drops to 400 mhz and...
  8. chheanchankung

    Ask Lenovo idiapad 320-15ikb

    need file clearme
  9. Sopihia&km

    Ask LENOVO JH M3 94V-0 bios needed

    Please help me i need bios file ..
  10. ThienBui

    BIOS lenovo P73 (type 20QR, 20QS) P73 FP-730 NM-C272

    lenovo P73 FP-730 NM-C272 BIOS P73 (type 20QR, 20QS)
  11. P

    Ask How to flash Lenovo S540 Bios? I downloaded 2.05 from your site, but how to flash the bin?

    Like in topic. I downloaded the .bin and 16MB file, but now what? I can't find the tool on your site.
  12. E

    Ask If I buy a windows 10 key from microsoft, can I burn it in Lenovo L340-15IWL BIOS?

    If I buy a windows 10 key from microsoft, can I store it in Lenovo L340-15IWL BIOS? That will make re-install windows 10 easier. Thanks.
  13. E

    Ask How to extract windows 10 key from Lenovo L340-15IWL BIOS dump?

    How to extract windows 10 key from Lenovo L340-15IWL BIOS dump? The find "01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 1D 00 00 00" seems not working. Thank you.
  14. Rodolfo Felix

    Ask Lenovo Chromebook C13 Yoga DA0LF7MBAH0 rev H LF7

    To remove the google account from the system here it is in bios backup
  15. A

    Ask lenovo t450s

    hello how are you i need to clear this bin file for me please i dont want a new one just clear this one. the problem with this is that when i make restart i dont have screen i need to hard turn off or when is in sleep it wil wake up but i have no screen and i need tu hard turn off on both cases...
  16. ThienBui

    BIOS Lenovo ThinkBook 15 G3 ACLType: 21A4MB: GLV3B LA-K062P

    Lenovo ThinkBook 15 G3 ACL Type: 21A4 MB: GLV3B LA-K062P
  17. N

    Ask lenovo l390 3 blink power button

    hello everyone! I have this laptop that won't turn on, when I plug in the charger I just see the power button LED flashing 3 times, the history of this laptop it had the bios password, I removed the bios chip to get the dump but my programmer stopped working, I put the bios chip back and I got...
  18. ThienBui

    BIOS Lenovo AIO Y910-27ISH 910-27ish CGA00 LA-D831P

    Lenovo AIO Y910-27ISH 910-27ish CGA00 LA-D831P BIOS
  19. E

    Ask lenovo yoga 500 f550111a need shematic

  20. E

    Ask Lenovo x1 Yoga 3° Generacion *BIOS BLOQUEADA*

    Hola buenas Mi Hilo es creado para Pedir Ayuda, tengo esta BIOS BLOQUEADA, pero no e podido lograr desbloquearla, quería ver si me podían ayudar desbloqueándola para poder resolver mi inconveniente, Saludos y Agradecido de Antemano