1. ThienBui

    How to extract ECROM ENE & ITE all model HP 2019-08-26

    Today we guide you to extract files ECROM series Laptop HP. Support all model HP have ECROM KB9012, KB9010, IT8585, IT8586, IT8587...etc - We always update when there are new tricks :D - Of course then you will be free to download updates. - Guide have Video & Phoenix tool
  2. ThienBui

    ENE KB9012QF EC BIOS Backup Series

    BIOS E430 EC ECBIOS.BIN DELL-15-LA-9104P KB9012 A3 OK.BIN DELL 5525 LA-8251P 1.0 EC BIOS.rar G400 EC BIOS LA-9631P .rar G405 LA-9911P REV1.0 KB9012QF A4 EC BIOS.BIN G480 LA-7981P EC BIOS.BIN G485 la-8681p 1.0 EC .BIN LA-8641P+(IdeaPad+Y485) ECbios.BIN LA-8861P rev0.2 EC BIOS OK.BIN S405...
  3. ThienBui

    Acer eg50-kb mb 12253-3m

    eg50-kb mb 12253-3m 12253-2 EG50-KB KB_pins=26 PD0=1 PD1=2 PD2=3 PD3=4 PD4=5 PD5=6 PD6=7 PD7=8 BUSY=10 STB=19 AFD=20 INIT=21 SLIN=22 KSI4=23 KSI5=24
  4. F

    Acer Shematic Acer Aspire E1-422/E1-522 Wistron AMD KABINI EA/EG-40/50 12247-1

    Acer E1-422/E1-522 Wistron AMD KABINI EA/EG-40/50 PX /UMA AMD FT3 APU AMD GPU SUN XT M2/64bit EA40-KB Project code: 91.4ZF01.001 PCB No: code: 12247-SA EA50-KB Project code: 91.4YU01.001 EG50-KB Project code: 91.4ZK01.001 PCB No: code: 12253-SA data:02.01.2013 Acer Aspire E1-522 EA50 12253-1M.brd