1. P

    Ask 820-02098 2021 MacBook Pro 14" M1 Water damage repair need resistor value

    hey so a customer brought in a macbook they spelt coffee all over so far found back light is gone found water damage all around the board but main area thats bad is this power ic found a cap and resistor missing well black and crumbling to piecesi believe this to be be the back light but since...
  2. ThienBui

    Schematics Apple MacBook Pro 13'' A1425 820-3642-A

    Apple MacBook Pro 13'' A1425 Apple MLB D1 Схема+boardview (*.brd) PCB PN: 820-3642-A
  3. ThienBui

    Schematics Apple Mac Mini A1993 2018 - 820-00939-A Schematics

    Apple Mac Mini A1993 2018 - 820-00939-A 820-00939 Architectur Diagram.pdf 820-00939.pdf MAP.pdf Schematics
  4. biosunlocker

    Ask Apple M1 and T2 solution "Permanent Unlock" for technicians is available

    Are u a hardware prof ? U own repair shop ? Technician ? We sell the permanent unlock "how to" .... we will guide u till u perfect ur unlocks ...
  5. biosunlocker

    Ask Apple T2 Permanent Unlock is available

    For refurbish companies or technicians that are interested to get the solution, contact me on my website's live chat
  6. ThienBui

    Schematics Apple X2728 MLB - 820-02100 - 051-05641

    j316_mlb_s_051-05641_8.0.0_resolved.pdf J316_EVTs_Rev8_820-02100.pdf
  7. Andres Salas

    Apple Software Source

    Hi, I need a source for new apple software, I was using but its not very updated, any suggestions? thanks!
  8. ByGonzo

    Ask Do anyone heva a tutorial step by step Bios(efi) program

    Do anyone heva a tutorial step by step Bios program (apple) i ve got few 820-3476-a bios but none of them woks properly i would love to learn one for all how to program it so i can do it my self Many thanks
  9. Tara Laptops

    Ask Apple balling issue

    When i try to ball cpu or pch on apple motherboard it fails. In rest like hp ,dell etc. it works fine. The motherboard of apple is of different type. It does not easily catch the solder. After quiet a lot effort it accept the solder when we solder it with iron. This is the reason that i mount...
  10. ThienBui

    Schematics APPLE A2179 2020 820-01055

    820-01055 Component Placement.pdf 820-01055 Power Sequence.pdf
  11. lagadatorumea

    Ask Looking for power sequences for 'Broadwell' APPLE MACBOOK PRO RETINA 13 A1502

    Does anyone have the POWER SEQUENCE for Broadwell..?
  12. SharpEdge

    Schematics We need schematic diagram of Apple 13inch 2019 laptop

    Hello Dear Team, we need schematic diagram of Apple probook 13" 2019. please share the diagram. thank you. regards sharpedge
  13. P

    BIOS Password remove

    Hello everybody. I am new comer. I have apple touch bar with password can you remove it?
  14. ThienBui

    Unlock Use SCBO unlock Apple T2 chip

    Use SCBO unlock Apple T2 chip EFI iCloud Firmware SCBO 1: Get HASH CODE Press and hold when you see the lock screen: Next: Press Simultaneously: 2: Instructions for creating SCBO bootable USB cp ~/Desktop/SCBO.bin /Volumes/Firmware/.SCBO cp ~/Desktop/SCBO.bin /Volumes/Firmware/._SCBO...
  15. ThienBui

    Apple T2 Security Chip Overview

    Apple T2 Security Chip Overview
  16. E

    Schematics Apple TV 4K - J105

    Hi, I'm looking for schematics to fix an Apple TV 4K (model J105). Does someone have clues on where to find this? I'm posting here because it should be roughly the same hardware than iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2nd gen) or iPad Pro 10.5. Thanks
  17. seattlecomputers

    MDM / Device Enrollment Program (DEP) / Management Mode - MacBook Pro

    MDM / Device Enrollment Program (DEP) / Management Mode - MacBook Pro - Doing some research on security. Has there been a confirmed fix for MacBooks that have been registered under a corporate / enterprise device enrollment program (DEP) / MDM mode? (Mobile Device Management) One would think...
  18. Y

    HUAWEI Honor 8X JNS L21 Schematics and BRD

    Hi Vinafix Admin team and all, I'm looking for HUAWEI Honor 8X JNS L21 Schematics and BRD. If someone have them you please help and post them. Best Regards
  19. ThienBui

    Microsoft Windows Operating System Support for Intel Kaby Lake, and Later Processors

    Summary: Windows Operating System support for Intel Kaby Lake, and later processors is limited to Windows 10". Kaby Lake, and Later Generations of Processors: Starting with Intel's seventh generation Core processors, the Kaby Lake series (I7-7xxx, I5-7xxx CPU description = Kaby Lake)...
  20. ThienBui

    Schematics iPad Mini 5 821-2337-A

    iPad Mini 5 821-2337-A