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Toshiba Satellite C50-ABT2N12 (PSCHWx)

Discussion in 'Satellite' started by ThienBui, Oct 21, 2015.

Toshiba Satellite C50-ABT2N12 (PSCHWx) 5 5 1votes
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  1. ThienBui

    ThienBui Fix Something with us
    Staff Member

    Dec 13, 2013
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    Toshiba Satellite C50D/C55D/C55Dt (PSCHWx)
    Satellite C50-ABT2N12
    Satellite C50D-ABT2N11
    Satellite C50D-ASP5262FM
    Satellite C50D-ASP5262WM
    Satellite C55D-A5201
    BIOS dcif Version: 1.30
    All models having part numbers beginning with:
    "PSCF6M", "PSCF6P", "PSCF6U", "PSCFEM", "PSCFEP", or "PSCFEU".

    • Updated: Computrace option ROM.
    • Modified: System Configuration Utility (SCU) help-screen strings for ESC and Enter.
    • Updated: AMD "Disabling the RTC Daylight Saving Time Feature."
    • Added: New HCI spec for Windows 8.1 RF LED control.
    • Added: Windows 8.1 support.
    • Added: Microsoft workaround for a Hybrid shutdown abnormal screen issue.
    • EC-Added: Force RF LED OFF command.

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    Last edited: Oct 23, 2015
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