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Khác Switching Regulator for Notebook BD95242MUV

Discussion in 'Tools' started by post, Apr 15, 2015.

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    Dec 12, 2013
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    BD95242MUV is a switching regulator controller with high output current which can achieve low output voltage (2.0V~5.5V) from a wide input voltage range (7V~25V). High efficiency for the switching regulator can be realized by utilizing an external N-MOSFET power transistor. A new technology called H3RegTM is a Rohm proprietary control method to realize ultra high transient response against load change. SLLM (Simple Light Load Mode) technology is also integrated to improve efficiency in light load mode, providing high efficiency over a wide load range. For protection and ease of use, the soft start function, variable frequency function, short circuit protection function with timer latch, over voltage protection with timer latch, and Power good function are all built in. This switching regulator is specially designed for Main Power Supply.

    1) 2ch H3RegTM Switching Regulator Controller
    2) Adjustable Simple Light Load Mode (SLLM), Quiet Light Load Mode (QLLM) and Forced continuous Mode
    3) Thermal Shut Down (TSD), Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO), Over Current Protection (OCP),
    Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Short circuit protection with timer-latch (SCP)
    4) Soft start function to minimize rush current during startup
    5) Switching Frequency Variable (f=200 kHz~500 kHz)
    6) Power good circuit
    7) 2ch linear regulator
    8) VQFN032V5050 package

    Laptop PC, Desktop PC, LCD-TV, Digital Components.
    Maximum Absolute Ratings (Ta=25℃)

    Pin Descriptions
    This is the main power supply pin. The input supply voltage range is 7V to 25V. The duty cycle of BD9524MUV is determined by input voltage and control output voltage. Therefore, when VIN voltage fluctuated, the output voltage also becomes unstable. Since VIN line is also the input voltage of switching regulator, stability depends on the impedance of the voltage supply. It is recommended to establish bypass capacitor and CR filter suitable for the actual application.
    When CTL pin voltage is at least 2.3V the status of the linear regulator output becomes active (REG1=5V, REG2=3.3V).
    Conversely, the status switches off when CTL pin voltage goes lower than 0.8V. The switching regulator doesn’t become active when the status of CTL pin is low, if the status of EN pin is high.
    When EN pin voltage is at least 2.3V, the status of the switching regulator becomes active. Conversely, the status switches off when EN pin voltage goes lower than 0.8V.
    This is the output pin for 5V linear regulator and also active in power supply for driver and control circuit of the inside. The standby function for REG1 is determined by CTL pin. The voltage is 5V, with 100mA current ability. It is recommended that a 10uF capacitor (X5R or X7R) be established between REG1 and GND.

    Battery Charger with System Power Selector BQ24751
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    Dec 12, 2013
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