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HP Pavilion 11-n000 x360 series - BIOS

Discussion in 'BIOS Laptop' started by ThienBui, Jul 21, 2015.

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  1. ThienBui

    ThienBui Fix Something with us
    Staff Member

    Dec 13, 2013
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    HP Pavilion 11-n000 x360 PC series
    BIOS 02209 & 08050 .F27

    Pavilion 11-n000ea x360
    Pavilion 11-n000eb x360
    Pavilion 11-n000ed x360
    Pavilion 11-n000eh x360
    Pavilion 11-n000eia x360
    Pavilion 11-n000el x360
    Pavilion 11-n000eo x360
    Pavilion 11-n000ep x360
    Pavilion 11-n000es x360
    Pavilion 11-n000na x360
    Pavilion 11-n000nc x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n000nf x360
    Pavilion 11-n000ni x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n000no x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n000nt x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n000nx x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n000sa x360
    Pavilion 11-n000sl x360
    Pavilion 11-n000sn x360
    Pavilion 11-n000sr x360
    Pavilion 11-n001ea x360
    Pavilion 11-n001ed x360
    Pavilion 11-n001ee x360
    Pavilion 11-n001ej x360
    Pavilion 11-n001eo x360
    Pavilion 11-n001ep x360
    Pavilion 11-n001et x360
    Pavilion 11-n001ew x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n001na x360
    Pavilion 11-n001ng x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n001nia x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n001nk x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n001nl x360
    Pavilion 11-n001no x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n001nv x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n001nx x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n001sa x360
    Pavilion 11-n001se x360
    Pavilion 11-n001sl x360
    Pavilion 11-n001tu x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n001xx x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n002ej x360
    Pavilion 11-n002ex x360
    Pavilion 11-n002ne x360
    Pavilion 11-n002ng x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n002ni x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n002nia x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n002ns x360
    Pavilion 11-n002tu x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n003ec x360
    Pavilion 11-n003ex x360
    Pavilion 11-n003ng x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n003nk x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n003ns x360
    Pavilion 11-n003sc x360
    Pavilion 11-n004ej x360 (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 11-n004na x360
    Có khoản 214 model cùng series này dùng chung BIOS.

    HP Pavilion 11-n100 x360 PC series
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n100nf (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n100nq (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n100nt (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n100nx (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n101ne (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n101nx (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n102ne (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n102tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n103tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n106tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n107tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n108tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n109tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n110nc (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n112tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n113tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n114tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n116tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n117tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n118la (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n118tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n119tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n120tu
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n127br
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n130nc (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11-n130no (ENERGY STAR)
    Pavilion 360 - 11t-n100 CTO (ENERGY STAR)

    *Note BID có 2 mã.

    >> Series BIOS HP

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  3. MR Duy

    MR Duy VIP PRO

    May 3, 2014
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    huynh oi con nay co shema kg cho em voi
  4. ThienBui

    ThienBui Fix Something with us
    Staff Member

    Dec 13, 2013
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    Chưa thấy có schematic :D

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