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Ask HP Laptop 14s-dq0504na (4K559EA) DA0PAMB46A0 REV:A Original bios corrupt

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Hi, I have a original corrupt bios file for a hp laptop. Device does not power or show any signs of life, After showing bios corruption on screen and constant reboot loop. Can the file be repaired keeping correct serials?

Model: 14s-dq0504na
Product ID: 4K559EA#ABU
SN: 5CD1305MG7

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Thank you for the reply, yeah I have a working bios file which gets the laptop back into a working state. But there is a Microsoft online account paired and I cannot get access to the desktop to run s/n recovery. Usually take out the HDD and install a fresh copy windows but the HDD is solder to the board. Just an awkward repair really. Ill get it sorted today with a wipe and s/n recovery. Thank you for your guidance. :cool:

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