DELL XPS 9360 LA-D841P

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Dec 13, 2013
Many of the 8th generation XPS have black screens, and can only be turned on again after a full discharge.
It can be alleviated by reverting to the lowest version of the bios .
Take your own XPS 9360 as an example
Proceed as follows

1. Download the 2.1.0 bios .exe and rename it to BIOS_IMG.rcv
2. Format a USB flash drive into fat32 format and put BIOS_IMG.rcv in the root directory
3. The computer shuts down completely, unplug the power adapter and peripherals other than the U disk
4. Hold down ctrl + esc, insert the adapter, wait for the boot, enter the bios recovery interface after the dell logo appears, release ctrl + esc
5. Follow the prompts
Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 2.36.01 AM.jpg


3.00 star(s) 3 Votes