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HP-Compaq Compaq CQ61-411WM DA00P8MB6D1 OP8

Discussion in 'BIOS Laptop' started by ThienBui, Jun 11, 2015.

HP-Compaq Compaq CQ61-411WM DA00P8MB6D1 OP8 5 5 2votes
5/5, 2 votes

  1. ThienBui

    ThienBui Fix Something with us
    Staff Member

    Dec 13, 2013
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    Compaq CQ61-411WM DAOOP8MB6D1 REV.D

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    #1 ThienBui, Jun 11, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2017
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  3. ThienBui

    ThienBui Fix Something with us
    Staff Member

    Dec 13, 2013
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    Board ID: DA00P8MB6D1
    Compatible with Model:
    For HP G61 Series
    For HP Compaq Presario CQ61 SeriesFor HP Compaq Presario CQ61-100EE, CQ61-100EO, CQ61-100EP, CQ61-100ES, CQ61-100EW, CQ61-100SD, CQ61-100SL, CQ61-100SO, CQ61-100SP, CQ61-101ET, CQ61-101TU, CQ61-101TX, CQ61-102TU, CQ61-102TX, CQ61-103EF, CQ61-103EO, CQ61-103TU, CQ61-103TX, CQ61-104EL, CQ61-104SB, CQ61-104SL, CQ61-104SV, CQ61-104TU, CQ61-104TX, CQ61-105ED, CQ61-105EE, CQ61-105EI, CQ61-105EK, CQ61-105EO, CQ61-105EQ, CQ61-105ER, CQ61-105ET, CQ61-105SA, CQ61-105SS, CQ61-105TU, CQ61-105TX, CQ61-106TU, CQ61-106TX, CQ61-107TU, CQ61-107TX, CQ61-108TU, CQ61-108TX, CQ61-109TU, CQ61-109TX, CQ61-110EB, CQ61-110EC, CQ61-110ED, CQ61-110EF, CQ61-110EG, CQ61-110EH, CQ61-110EI, CQ61-110EK, CQ61-110EO, CQ61-110EP, CQ61-110ER, CQ61-110ES, CQ61-110ET, CQ61-110EW, CQ61-110SA, CQ61-110SF, CQ61-110SL, CQ61-110TU, CQ61-110TX, CQ61-111TU, CQ61-111TX, CQ61-112SL, CQ61-112TU, CQ61-112TX, CQ61-113TU, CQ61-113TX, CQ61-114TU, CQ61-114TX, CQ61-115EE, CQ61-115EF, CQ61-115EI, CQ61-115EO, CQ61-115EQ, CQ61-115ES, CQ61-115SF, CQ61-115SL, CQ61-115TU, CQ61-115TX, CQ61-116ES, CQ61-116TU, CQ61-116TX, CQ61-117TU, CQ61-117TX, CQ61-118TU, CQ61-118TX, CQ61-119TU, CQ61-119TX, CQ61-120EA, CQ61-120EF, CQ61-120EG, CQ61-120EH, CQ61-120EI, CQ61-120EJ, CQ61-120EL, CQ61-120EO, CQ61-120ES, CQ61-120ET, CQ61-120EW, CQ61-120SA, CQ61-120SF, CQ61-120TU, CQ61-121TU, CQ61-122EL, CQ61-122SA, CQ61-122TU, CQ61-123TU, CQ61-124EZ, CQ61-124TU, CQ61-125EI, CQ61-125EL, CQ61-125EO, CQ61-125EQ, CQ61-125TU, CQ61-126SZ, CQ61-126TU, CQ61-127TU, CQ61-128TU, CQ61-129TU, CQ61-130EI, CQ61-130EK, CQ61-130ES, CQ61-130SK, CQ61-130TU, CQ61-131TU, CQ61-132TU, CQ61-133TU, CQ61-134TU, CQ61-135TU, CQ61-136TU, CQ61-140EI, CQ61-140EJ, CQ61-140SK, CQ61-200SH, CQ61-200SL, CQ61-204SF, CQ61-205EE, CQ61-205SF, CQ61-205TU, CQ61-207SL, CQ61-207TU, CQ61-207TX, CQ61-208TX, CQ61-209SL, CQ61-209TX, CQ61-210EI, CQ61-210SG, CQ61-210SH, CQ61-210SL, CQ61-210SN, CQ61-210SO, CQ61-210SP, CQ61-210SR, CQ61-210TX, CQ61-211TX, CQ61-214TX, CQ61-215EE, CQ61-218SL, CQ61-220ED, CQ61-220EG, CQ61-220SA, CQ61-220SF, CQ61-220SL, CQ61-220SN, CQ61-220SS, CQ61-220SV, CQ61-222SL, CQ61-225EE, CQ61-230SB, CQ61-230SL, CQ61-230SO, CQ61-230SS, CQ61-231SO, CQ61-250SO, CQ61-260EJ, CQ61-280EJ, CQ61-136EZ, CQ61-200EP, CQ61-200SP, CQ61-200SQ, CQ61-201TU, CQ61-201TX, CQ61-202TU, CQ61-202TX, CQ61-203EO, CQ61-203TU, CQ61-203TX, CQ61-204TX, CQ61-205EF, CQ61-205EI, CQ61-205EQ, CQ61-205ER, CQ61-205SL, CQ61-205SO, CQ61-206TU, CQ61-206TX, CQ61-207SF, CQ61-208ER, CQ61-209ER, CQ61-209TU, CQ61-210EK, CQ61-210ER, CQ61-210EV, CQ61-210EW, CQ61-210SB, CQ61-210SD, CQ61-210SQ, CQ61-210SS, CQ61-210ST, CQ61-210SV, CQ61-210TU, CQ61-211ER, CQ61-211TU, CQ61-212TU, CQ61-213TU, CQ61-214TU, CQ61-215SO, CQ61-215TU, CQ61-216TU, CQ61-216TX, CQ61-217TU, CQ61-217TX, CQ61-218TU, CQ61-219TU, CQ61-220EF, CQ61-220EI, CQ61-220EJ, CQ61-220EK, CQ61-220EW, CQ61-220SO, CQ61-221EK, CQ61-221SA, CQ61-221TU, CQ61-221TX, CQ61-222SA, CQ61-222SZ, CQ61-222TU, CQ61-222TX, CQ61-223EA, CQ61-223EG, CQ61-223SA, CQ61-223TU, CQ61-223TX, CQ61-224SG, CQ61-224TX, CQ61-225EO, CQ61-225EP, CQ61-225ES, CQ61-225SA, CQ61-225SG, CQ61-225TU, CQ61-225TX, CQ61-226SL, CQ61-226TU, CQ61-227TU, CQ61-227TX, CQ61-228TU, CQ61-230EC, CQ61-230EG, CQ61-230EP, CQ61-230SF, CQ61-230SN, CQ61-231EZ, CQ61-231TU, CQ61-232TU, CQ61-233EZ, CQ61-235ET, CQ61-235EZ, CQ61-235TU, CQ61-237EZ, CQ61-240ED, CQ61-240EG, CQ61-240EJ, CQ61-240EK, CQ61-240SS, CQ61-241EZ, CQ61-245EI, CQ61-245ET, CQ61-249ET, CQ61-300EB, CQ61-300ES, CQ61-300ST, CQ61-300SV, CQ61-301SG, CQ61-301SL, CQ61-301TX, CQ61-302SL, CQ61-302SZ, CQ61-302TX, CQ61-303SF, CQ61-303SL, CQ61-303SV, CQ61-303SW, CQ61-303TU, CQ61-303TX, CQ61-303XX, CQ61-304SL, CQ61-304SW, CQ61-304TU, CQ61-305AX, CQ61-305EC, CQ61-305EQ, CQ61-305ER, CQ61-305EV, CQ61-305EZ, CQ61-305SA, CQ61-305SF, CQ61-305SL, CQ61-305ST, CQ61-305TX, CQ61-306AX, CQ61-306EL, CQ61-306TX, CQ61-307AU, CQ61-307SF, CQ61-307TU, CQ61-307TX, CQ61-308TX, CQ61-309AX, CQ61-309EZ, CQ61-309SL, CQ61-309TU, CQ61-309TX, CQ61-310EA, CQ61-310EC, CQ61-310EH, CQ61-310EI, CQ61-310EJ, CQ61-310EK, CQ61-310EL, CQ61-310EM, CQ61-310EN, CQ61-310EQ, CQ61-310ER, CQ61-310EV, CQ61-310EX, CQ61-310SA, CQ61-310SB, CQ61-310SD, CQ61-310SF, CQ61-310SG, CQ61-310SL, CQ61-310SO, CQ61-310SP, CQ61-310SV, CQ61-310US, CQ61-311AX, CQ61-311ER, CQ61-311SO, CQ61-311TU, CQ61-312EF, CQ61-312EG, CQ61-312EL, CQ61-312ER, CQ61-312SA, CQ61-312SF, CQ61-312SL, CQ61-312SO, CQ61-312TU, CQ61-312TX, CQ61-313AX, CQ61-313ER, CQ61-313NR, CQ61-313SZ, CQ61-313TU, CQ61-313TX, CQ61-313US, CQ61-314ER, CQ61-314SL, CQ61-314TU, CQ61-314US, CQ61-315EC, CQ61-315EM, CQ61-315ER, CQ61-315EX, CQ61-315SA, CQ61-315SB, CQ61-315SD, CQ61-315SF, CQ61-315SG, CQ61-315SH, CQ61-315SL, CQ61-315SN, CQ61-315SO, CQ61-315SP, CQ61-315SQ, CQ61-315SS, CQ61-315ST, CQ61-315TU, CQ61-315TX, CQ61-316EG, CQ61-316ER, CQ61-316SO, CQ61-316TX, CQ61-317ER, CQ61-317SA, CQ61-317SL, CQ61-318ER, CQ61-318SG, CQ61-318SL, CQ61-318SO, CQ61-318TX, CQ61-319ER, CQ61-319SL, CQ61-319TX, CQ61-319WM, CQ61-320CA, CQ61-320EA, CQ61-320EC, CQ61-320EG, CQ61-320EI, CQ61-320EJ, CQ61-320EM, CQ61-320EN, CQ61-320ER, CQ61-320ET, CQ61-320EX, CQ61-320SA, CQ61-320SB, CQ61-320SD, CQ61-320SF, CQ61-320SG, CQ61-320SH, CQ61-320SL, CQ61-320SO, CQ61-320SQ, CQ61-320SS, CQ61-320TX, CQ61-321ER, CQ61-322ER, CQ61-322EZ, CQ61-322SL, CQ61-323EO, CQ61-323ER, CQ61-323TX, CQ61-324CA, CQ61-324EZ, CQ61-324SA, CQ61-324SP, CQ61-324TX, CQ61-325EB, CQ61-325EC, CQ61-325ED, CQ61-325EI, CQ61-325ES, CQ61-325EZ, CQ61-325SA, CQ61-325SG, CQ61-325SH, CQ61-325SO, CQ61-325SP, CQ61-325SQ, CQ61-325TU, CQ61-326SA, CQ61-326TU, CQ61-326TX, CQ61-327SA, CQ61-327SF, CQ61-327SO, CQ61-327TU, CQ61-327TX, CQ61-328EZ, CQ61-328TU, CQ61-328TX, CQ61-329TU, CQ61-330EC, CQ61-330EE, CQ61-330EG, CQ61-330EI, CQ61-330EJ, CQ61-330EK, CQ61-330EM, CQ61-330EN, CQ61-330ET, CQ61-330SA, CQ61-330SB, CQ61-330SD, CQ61-330SO, CQ61-330SQ, CQ61-330SS, CQ61-331ER, CQ61-332ER, CQ61-333EN, CQ61-333ER, CQ61-333SO, CQ61-334ER, CQ61-335EN, CQ61-335ER, CQ61-335ES, CQ61-335EV, CQ61-335SB, CQ61-335SO, CQ61-335SQ, CQ61-340EC, CQ61-340ED, CQ61-340EN, CQ61-340EV, CQ61-340SA, CQ61-340SS, CQ61-345SQ, CQ61-350EK, CQ61-350SF, CQ61-355EP, CQ61-355SQ, CQ61-360EV, CQ61-360SA, CQ61-400ES, CQ61-400EY, CQ61-400SO, CQ61-400SS, CQ61-401SA, CQ61-401SY, CQ61-401TX, CQ61-402EA, CQ61-402EO, CQ61-402SA, CQ61-402SZ, CQ61-402TU, CQ61-403EA, CQ61-403EK, CQ61-403SA, CQ61-403SF, CQ61-403SY, CQ61-403SZ, CQ61-404AU, CQ61-405AU, CQ61-405AX, CQ61-405EB, CQ61-405ED, CQ61-405EK, CQ61-405EO, CQ61-405ER, CQ61-405ET, CQ61-405EY, CQ61-405EZ, CQ61-405SA, CQ61-405SE, CQ61-405SF, CQ61-405SO, CQ61-405SW, CQ61-405SY, CQ61-406SA, CQ61-406SZ, CQ61-406TU, CQ61-406TX, CQ61-407CA, CQ61-407EF, CQ61-407EK, CQ61-407EO, CQ61-407SA, CQ61-407SF, CQ61-407TX, CQ61-408AX, CQ61-408EF, CQ61-408SL, CQ61-408SO, CQ61-408TX, CQ61-409SL, CQ61-409SO, CQ61-409TU, CQ61-410EC, CQ61-410EG, CQ61-410EJ, CQ61-410EK, CQ61-410EM, CQ61-410ER, CQ61-410EV, CQ61-410EY, CQ61-410SB, CQ61-410SF, CQ61-410SH, CQ61-410SJ, CQ61-410SL, CQ61-410SM, CQ61-410SP, CQ61-410SQ, CQ61-410SV, CQ61-410SW, CQ61-410TX, CQ61-410US, CQ61-411SE, CQ61-411TU, CQ61-411TX, CQ61-411WM, CQ61-412AX, CQ61-412EO, CQ61-412EZ, CQ61-412NR, CQ61-412SL, CQ61-413SL, CQ61-413SO, CQ61-413TU, CQ61-414EO, CQ61-414NR, CQ61-414TU, CQ61-415EG, CQ61-415EI, CQ61-415EM, CQ61-415EP, CQ61-415EQ, CQ61-415EW, CQ61-415EY, CQ61-415SA, CQ61-415SG, CQ61-415SH, CQ61-415SM, CQ61-415ST, CQ61-415SZ, CQ61-415TU, CQ61-416EG, CQ61-416SA, CQ61-416SO, CQ61-416TU, CQ61-417ER, CQ61-417EZ, CQ61-417SA, CQ61-417SG, CQ61-417SO, CQ61-417TU, CQ61-418ER, CQ61-418TU, CQ61-419EO, CQ61-419ER, CQ61-419TU, CQ61-420EC, CQ61-420EJ, CQ61-420EM, CQ61-420ER, CQ61-420EW, CQ61-420EY, CQ61-420SA, CQ61-420SH, CQ61-420SO, CQ61-420SQ, CQ61-420TU, CQ61-420US, CQ61-421ER, CQ61-421SA, CQ61-421SG, CQ61-422ER, CQ61-422SA, CQ61-423ER, CQ61-423SA, CQ61-423SG, CQ61-424EG, CQ61-424ER, CQ61-424SA, CQ61-425EA, CQ61-425EB, CQ61-425EC, CQ61-425EG, CQ61-425EI, CQ61-425EM, CQ61-425ER, CQ61-425ET, CQ61-425SA, CQ61-425SH, CQ61-425SO, CQ61-425SQ, CQ61-426EG, CQ61-426EO, CQ61-427EG, CQ61-427SA, CQ61-428EZ, CQ61-429SG, CQ61-429US, CQ61-430EC, CQ61-430EI, CQ61-430EJ, CQ61-430EM, CQ61-430ER, CQ61-430EV, CQ61-430SD, CQ61-430SV, CQ61-431SZ, CQ61-432EZ, CQ61-433SA, CQ61-433SZ, CQ61-435EK, CQ61-435EM, CQ61-435SA, CQ61-435SM, CQ61-435SQ, CQ61-440EC, CQ61-440EI, CQ61-440EK, CQ61-440SA, CQ61-440SE, CQ61-440SM, CQ61-441SE, CQ61-445ED, CQ61-445EI, CQ61-445EM, CQ61-445SI, CQ61-449ES, CQ61-450EK, CQ61-450ES, CQ61-450EV, CQ61-450SS, CQ61-450ST, CQ61-455EM, CQ61-455SQ, CQ61-457EE, CQ61-460SS, CQ61-465SQ, CQ61-475SQ, CQ61-488EE, CQ61-489EE, CQ61z-300 CTO, CQ61Z-400 CTO, CQ61-300CA, CQ61-326NR, CQ61-301AU, CQ61-302AU, CQ61-303AU, CQ61-304AU, CQ61-305AU, CQ61-306AU, CQ61-308AU, CQ61-309AU, CQ61-310AU, CQ61-401AU, CQ61-402AU, CQ61-403AU, CQ61-485EQ


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