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Schematics Acer A315-56 Compal LA-H801P LA-J801P FH5LI Rev 1.0

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Acer A315-56 Compal LA-H801P FH5LI Rev 1.0
Schematics, boardview LA-(J)H801P_Rev1.0
Acer Aspire A515-46 FH5LI 1.16.bin
EH5LP LA-H801P Rev: 1B
Acer Aspire 3 A315-56 - Compal LA-J801P FH5LI.pdf
ACER Aspire A315 LA-J801P_FH5LI_Rev1.0_2020.02 photo

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Hello I have an acer mb LA-J801P THAT WITHOUT AN IMAGE I write Ec rom but still without image I also tried to write ENE i have SVOD programmer but an error in writing and I can not conect with EC and the laptop doesn't start !!!
How can i connect to rewrite ec ?
thank you !!!!
Colleague, I recommend the vertianov, it is much better than the svod when programming kbc