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Apple A1466 EMC 2925

hi i have this macbook air A1466 EMC 2925
have password see picture below

how can read BIOS and write without password ?
this bios is solder special my programmer is model minipro tl866a

help me admin . thenbui ?

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20170202_170613_HDR.jpg 20170202_154700_HDR.jpg 20170202_154618_HDR.jpg 20170202_154555_HDR.jpg
hi bro can you uplaod macbook air A1466 EMC 2925 Borad code 820-00164-A ok bios loce remove file i try many file but some time hang on apple logo and some other file not power on plz uplaod ok bios unlock file
sorry bro i mistake 1 write wrong board nymber
my baord nuber 820 00165-A
A1466 EMC 2925
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