1. nafienew1

    Ask ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6

    pleas no disply ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6
  2. ThienBui

    BIOS L15 Gen 3 (type 21C3, 21C4) Laptops (ThinkPad) - Type 21C3 213035-1

    L15 Gen 3 (type 21C3, 21C4) Laptops (ThinkPad) - Type 21C3 213035-1
  3. J

    Ask no display thinkpad yoga 460

    yoga 460 type 20EM LCL-1 MB 14283-2 448.05106.0021 no display, please fix the bios for me. thanks
  4. ThienBui

    BIOS ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen1 (Type 20UN, 20UQ) 19697-3

    ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen1 (Type 20UN, 20UQ) 19697-3
  5. A

    Ask Lenovo Thinkpad x13 gen1 GT4A5/GX3A5 NM-C791 Rev.2.0

    Turns on, no picture Please help me fix it.
  6. ThienBui

    Schematics Lenovo ThinkPad T14 g3 - NM-E981 r1.0

    Lenovo ThinkPad T14 g3 - NM-E981 r1.0 boardview.tvw
  7. ThienBui

    Schematics Thinkpad P16 Gen 1 - NM-E062

    Thinkpad P16 Gen 1 - NM-E062 BoardView
  8. ThienBui

    BIOS Lenovo thinkpad T14 GEN 3 NM-E441

    Lenovo thinkpad T14 GEN 3 NM-E441 ThinkPad P14s Gen 3 (Type 21J5, 21J6), P16s Gen 1(Type 21CK, 21CL), T14 Gen 3 (Type 21CF, 21CG), T16 Gen 1 (Type 21CH, 21CJ) R23ET65W AMD
  9. ThienBui

    Schematics Lenovo ThinkPad P73 LCFC FP730 NM-C271 / NM-C272

    Lenovo ThinkPad P73 LCFC FP730 NM-C271 / NM-C272 Lenovo LCFC FP730 NM-C272 REV0.2 BoardView.tvw Lenovo LCFC FP730 NM-C271 REV0.2 BoardView.tvw
  10. B

    Ask Thinkpad P15v Gen 2 Engineering Sample BIOS

    Hi There, I managed to get Thinkpad P15v Gen 2 engineering sample laptop with comparable spec to i7-11850H with nVidia T1200 GPU. The BIOS was unlocked version N38ET10W, so we can setup almost everything (overclock, ram speed, enable disable dGPU, power limit, PCI setting, etc.) The board is...
  11. Erick L.F

    Ask Lenovo ThinkPad E520 - LGG 1 MB 10292 2 48 4MI04 021

    Please remove password
  12. G

    Ask Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon LMQ-1MB 12298-2 48.4LY07 021

    Dear sir, this lonovo bios doesn't display please I need rebuilt file please
  13. Reer Indonesia

    Ask thinkpad 460

    please unlock bios password
  14. ThienBui

    BIOS Thinkpad t14 2gen NM-D353

    Thinkpad t14 2gen NM-D353 Lenovo Thinkpad T14_T15 GEN 2 LCFC HT4B0_HP4B0_HT5B1_HP5B1_HT4B2 NM-D353 Rev 1.0 BoardView.tvw
  15. G

    Ask lenovo thinkpad t480 nm-b501

    lenovo thinkpad t480 nm-b501 power switch lights three time blinking how to resolve sir
  16. T

    Ask THINKPAD X13 (NM-D361 Rev: 1.0 ) BIOS

  17. ThienBui

    BIOS Chromebook ThinkPad 11e - DALI8BMB6H1 - LI8B

    Chromebook ThinkPad 11e - DALI8BMB6H1 - LI8B
  18. R

    Ask thinkpad x250

    bios password
  19. ThienBui

    Schematics Thinkpad X13 Yoga G2 - LLX-1 - 203015-1

    Thinkpad X13 Yoga G2 - LLX-1 - 203015-1.pdf Schematics
  20. S

    Ask ThinkPad Yoga 460 20em-ct01ww

    Boots - blank screen. Nothing further. Can you check this BIOS maybe clean? Thanks