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  1. T

    Ask surface 4 pro ,x911788009

    Hi master , i replace the ite ic because the surface pro not turning on , after replacement the surface stuck on logo surface , no uefi no possibility to enter on the bios only surface spalsh screen. i think is bios problem can you correct for me Thanks
  2. W

    Ask Surface pro 8 - RAM upgrade question

    Hi, does the bios need to be touched when upgrading the lpddr4x chips from 16gb to 32gb? I know a resistor (r3432) needs to be changed but is there anything else? Thanks very much
  3. A

    Ask surface 1796 touch not working

    Please repair this file touch not working i tryed many file but not working please help me thanks
  4. ThienBui

    BIOS Surface Pro 9 2038

    Surface Pro 9 2038 BB_W MB REV C6 Surface Pro 9 2038 BB_W MB REV C6 20231218_130428_SVOD3
  5. ThienBui

    BIOS Surface Laptop 4 1952 1953

    Surface Laptop 4 1952 1953 BIOS
  6. ThienBui

    BIOS Surface Laptop 4 1958 1959

    Surface Laptop 4 1958 1959
  7. M

    Ask Surface Laptop 5 Bios Password Help me to Remove

    There's any body can help me to remove bios password for my surface laptop 5 1979. Thanks and Advance.
  8. LSontech

    Ask surface Pro 7 Model 1866 JALAMA_ICL_MB_DV 10B Locked Backup

    Help Unlock me this file surface Pro 7 Model 1866 JALAMA_ICL_MB_DV 10B
  9. H

    Ask Surface Laptop 5 need bios or remove MDM

    please remove mdm or upload bios for surface laptop 5
  10. ThienBui

    BIOS Surface Laptop 4 1950 1951

    Surface Laptop 4 1950 1951
  11. L

    Ask midrodoft surface laptop 4 1958

    can you please check/repair this bios file for me thank you

    Ask Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Model 1873

    Please help me unlock password this bios.
  13. A

    Ask Surface Laptop 4 model 1950

    BIOS no work, only logo and power off
  14. ThienBui

    Schematics Microsoft Surface Book 2nd Gen (13.5_KabyLake-U_CPU__UMA_GPU)_LO

    Microsoft Surface Book 2nd Gen (13.5_KabyLake-U_CPU__UMA_GPU)_LO BUILD-OPT IO Board (USB_Cardreader) Ver DV_Schematic Diagram.pdf IO Board (USB_Cardreader) Ver EV1(1.2)_Schematic Diagram.pdf IO Board (USB_Cardreader) Ver EV3A_Schematic Diagram.pdf IO Board (USB_Cardreader) Ver PV(1.1)_Schematic...
  15. computer bios

    Ask Surface 1769 M1088058-002

  16. D

    Ask surface pro 5 1796 256GB

    hello sir i send my original dump lcd is changed after that turn on for 5 seconds and then off (no boot) please help build that thank you very much
  17. jack liang

    Ask Surface Go 2 1901 Bios

    need working factory BIOS for Surface Go 2 1901 Bios ? or fix my one ?
  18. ThienBui

    Schematics Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ - Bayside DV - JL2 POC Schematic

    Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ - Bayside DV - JL2 POC Schematic
  19. ThienBui

    BIOS Surface Laptop Go 1943

    Surface Laptop Go 1943 BIOS
  20. ThienBui

    Schematics Surface pro5 1796 Calgary MB U_DV

    Surface pro5 1796 Calgary MB U_DV boardview