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  1. jarus

    Ask -ADVANCE Model: NV6650 IN-SA115L_V31

    Clear ME
  2. thaymainlaptop.vn

    Ask HP ZBook 15 Base Model Mobile Workstation

    nhờ anh thienbui gỡ giúp em passwork với em cảm ơn
  3. ThienBui

    BIOS HP All-in-One Desktop PC 24-cb1000i (4N1P3AV) model : N18D DAN18MB48A0

    HP All-in-One Desktop PC 24-cb1000i (4N1P3AV) model : N18D DAN18MB48A0
  4. LSontech

    Ask surface Pro 7 Model 1866 JALAMA_ICL_MB_DV 10B Locked Backup

    Help Unlock me this file surface Pro 7 Model 1866 JALAMA_ICL_MB_DV 10B
  5. Rizz

    Ask Motherboard Part no.:- Superbee_MB_V3.0 bios needed

    Seagate NAS 4-Bay Pro, Model no:- SRPS40, Motherboard Part no.:- Superbee_MB_V3.0 Bios IC no.:- MX25L6406E Bios IC is bad, so cannot derive data from it. and bios needed Pls Help Thanks in advance
  6. ExnovoComputer

    Ask HP ENVY All-in-One - 32-a0002nl / MB model: NZF

    Hello, i have this HP AIO with corrupted BIOS during windows update. Attached the original dump image, need a rebuild, thanks. I've also extracted the BIOS image from HP website, tried to program, but not working....
  7. P

    Ask hp laptop model 17-cb1005ns

    Please, clean pass bios.

    Ask Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Model 1873

    Please help me unlock password this bios.
  9. V

    Ask Need Bios For All-In-One China Model on motherboard is I2_Z8350

    I need Bios for AIO China it's a china custom i think, but it's American Megatrends as i remembered The full model on main board is " I2_Z8350_Main_V20 2017-04-15 " If you don't have please modify this bios, it's working but disable legacy keyboard in bios menu. Please reset to default , bios...
  10. L

    Ask dell 5320 model 19817-1 bios lock need clearme bios

    dell 5320 model 19817-1 bios lock admin password need clearme bios
  11. A

    Ask Surface Laptop 4 model 1950

    BIOS no work, only logo and power off
  12. E

    Ask Gateway model EG790 BIOS PLEASE

    hello I need the bios of Gateway model EG790 mainboard E89382 MV-4 HannStar J 94V-0 1242
  13. ThienBui


  14. L

    Ask bm5860_v1.3 model lenovo 100e 2ngen password lock

    bm5860_v1.3 model lenovo 100e 2ngen password lock pleace remove send sir
  15. S

    Ask HP Spectre x360 Convertible Model 15-df1000ns

    Problem: Caps lock blinks 3 slow blinks and 2 fast blinks, black screen CODE MOTHERBOARD: DAX38DMBAE0 REV E Website oficial laptop model: https://support.hp.com/es-es/drivers/selfservice/hp-spectre-15-df1000-x360-convertible-pc-series/26084652 ¿BIOS corrupt? Please rebuild . Thanks
  16. M

    Ask Toshiba satellite C50-A motherboard model DB10SG-6050A2557301-MB-A02

    help me Toshiba satellite C50-A BIOS BIN FOR motherboard model DB10SG-6050A2557301-MB-A02
  17. T

    Ask DELL Inspiron 24 model 7459, motherboard IMPSL-PO rev A0 - schematics

    Hello! I have a DELL Inspiron 24 on my bench that had a "no power" issue. I replaced 2 mosfets that were shorted (first one and on the back one 508SG). The main power rail is no longer shorted, but the computer won't turn on. When I press the power button, it turns on for a second (and starts...
  18. C

    Ask dell optiplex 2030 v2kx3 i need picture or photo. help me please

    please help me.. i need picture to identify the ic chip model. on my license plate it has burned and I can't read the number :(
  19. F

    Ask Hp stream Laptop Model 14-CB172WN

    Hello I need the bios of the Hp stream Laptop Model 14-CB172WN. the computer can't power on since I try to flash the bios. Mother board: DA0P9CMB6C0 REV:C
  20. B

    Ask board model S133G Rev 6.0 need EC bios plz~

    it 8987E required after replacement need ec bios