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    Help Tips HOW to unlock any bios pasword

    HOW to unlock any bios pasword
  2. M

    Ask How To Unlock Password HDD in Laptop Dell latitude 5420

    Hello How To Unlock Password HDD in Laptop Dell Hard-disk is #134B6457118-0002 I've already tried Ubuntu, Parted Magic and nothing and I can format the disk.
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  4. P

    Ask how to reset bios password fujitsu lifebook U729

    Can somebody help me to reset my bios
  5. R

    Ask How to program IT8176FN-56A?

    How to program IT8176FN-56A? I replaced ITE 8176FN-56A and keyboard is now working again, but backlight doesn‘t How do I extract old data and program it onto new chip?
  6. C

    Ask Lenovo IdeaPad 520 15IKB 81BF failed update bios error

    I found several BIOS versions , I upload with the Xgecu programmer but none boot the laptop, I don't know how to upload EC
  7. P

    Ask How to flash Lenovo S540 Bios? I downloaded 2.05 from your site, but how to flash the bin?

    Like in topic. I downloaded the .bin and 16MB file, but now what? I can't find the tool on your site.
  8. E

    Ask How to extract windows 10 key from Lenovo L340-15IWL BIOS dump?

    How to extract windows 10 key from Lenovo L340-15IWL BIOS dump? The find "01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 1D 00 00 00" seems not working. Thank you.
  9. I

    Ask How to convert Asus X509 Convert Dis to UMA

    any idea or tips how to convert this unit to uma... thankyou
  10. ct lab

    Ask da05pgmb6g0 rev.g amd ryzen hp need bios

    da05pgmb6g0 rev.g amd ryzen hp need bios
  11. macbookbinhduongvtc

    Ask how to converter dell E6430 MB: La-7782p Dis to Uma, pleas?

    how to converter dell E6430 MB: La-7782p Dis to Uma, pleas?
  12. rolvinalmeida

    Ask dazauimb8c0 rev c HOW TO FIX AUTO FAN AFTER SHUTDOWN

    How to fix auto fan running after shutdown.
  13. NBS-Elextrixman

    Ask please unlock these message

    hi i have these laptop from a customer hp 840 g3 icore 7vpro problem is..when is about to get to windows a message appear THESE DEVICE BEEM FROZEN THESE DEVICE IS ALERT LOGIC PROPERTY, PLEASE CONTACT CORPORATE SECURITY TO REGAIN ACCES TO THESE DEVICE.. if theres a way to unlock these It has...
  14. J

    Ask How to get iMac A1419 BIOS

    Hello, I need the BIOS file for the iMac A1419 EMC2639 SN-D25M900JF8J5. I understand that I should subscribe to the forum but am not sure how. How can I get the BIOS file?
  15. M

    Ask How to remove the vga chip from Lenovo laptop

    How to remove the vga chip from Lenovo laptop
  16. shankicx143

    Ask E5270-LA-C621P no bios dump available plz support

    how to program a new chip.. please anybody provide me bios bin file i tried to clean ME and Chip is now damaged its programming but verify fails and i dont have any backup dump, and please tel me what is the programming application version for CH-341A programmer
  17. E

    Ask How to remove Dynabook R734 m Portege R30 A series bios password

    Please help on How to Remove Bios Password on Dynabook R734/M Portege R30-A series laptop. thank you in advance
  18. V

    Ask How to unlock Lenovo X230i BIOS? Please Help. Thank you in advance.

    I'm currently resetting a Lenovo X230i laptop but it have bios lock on to it. Please help! Much appreciated.
  19. N

    How to fix? Put the battery and sue like this.

  20. abuholm

    MEC 5075 how to disable boot block protection?

    Hello I'm working on Dell E7440 (LA-9591P) with a blank Mec5075 and I want to disable boot block so I can program the entire chip. I read elsewhere that grounding FWP# pin will disable boot block protection, but programmer indicates that boot block is still protected. I am using SVOD1...