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Features of the programmer:

1 Programming NPCE288N / NPCE388N through the keyboard connector and on the external adapter.
2 Programming KB9010 / 9012/9016/9022/9028/902
3 Program EEPROM LCD panels (EDID matrices).
4 Programming is available IT8386E - 192KB IT8580 / 8585/8586/8587/8985 / 8987- at 128KB. Other ITEs simply were not checked.
5 Programming is available for MEC1609 / 1619 / 1633L / 5075/5085. The others were not checked by me. 6 Can check in AUTONOM mode keyboard for laptops pin spacing of 1mm / 05mm / 08mm.
(sound signaling of button presses and errors (buzzer).)
7 You can check the keyboards through the shell on the PC.
8 EC from Explore EPF011 / 021/035/036/037 using the interface module.
For work you need to have two USB B cords - square like on printers, scanners, etc. One cable to connect to the PC, and the other to connect the ground (mass) of the programmer and the laptop card. The shell works on all OS Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 32/64 bit. We do not have any activations. You buy the programmer and download all available software in free access. Free support on well-known forums.
At the moment there are two revisions of the programmer of the third version. Revision 3.1 and 3.2 are absolutely identical in their capabilities, except for some details. Revision 3.2, assembled completely on one side of the PCB, all components in smd execution. On the underside of the programmer is an insulating film. All other differences are visible in the pictures above. Both revisions can be in both a blue and a black mask.

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 2.22.27 PM.jpg

Note that we do not sell tools, we only collect software:
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