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    Ask Acer 4738

    Thank you
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    Ask Acer 4738

    Ask for a guide how to disable the onboard VGA acer 4738 DA0ZQ9MB6C0 REV: C
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    Ask Laptop Hp ZS040 LA-A995P

    Request the schematic and Bios file ZS040 LA-A995P Rev:2.0
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    Ask HP 245 G7 14-FP5-6L-GDDR5X2

    Request schematic HP 245 G7 14-FP5-6L-GDDR5X2 Motherboard code : HAGRID 6050A2983601-MB-A02 (A2)
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    Ask Sony Vaio PCG-31311W

    Request the Sony Vaio PCG-31311W bios file Motherboard code MBX-244 Tucana-BR MB S0202-1 48.4KY01.011
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    Toshiba Toshiba Mini NB510 6050A2488301-MB

    Please delete the bios password, sir, the bios that is sent may not be suitable because after flashing the netbook does not turn on. thank you
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    Ask NB510

    Please guide to clear cmos Toshiba NB510, the bios password is no longer known
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    Ask Request Bios Lenovo ideapad 300

    Thank you very much
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    Ask Request Bios Lenovo ideapad 300

    motherboard code BMWC1-BMWC2 NM-A471 Rev.2.0
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    BIOS hp 14-cm0013ur 6050A2983601-MB-A02(A2) UMA

    Any schematic?
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    Ask Asus X441N

    Bios and boardview files
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    Ask Asus X441N

    Need a schematic / boardview and Asus X441N Bios file