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Kinh nghiệm Một số dòng CPU thông dụng và thay thế cho nhau

Discussion in 'Computer Repair' started by fan, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. fan

    fan Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2014
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    AMM320DB022GQ AMM340 AMM300 AMP320 638

    Intel 855:
    PM1.4G PM1.5G PM1.6G PM1.8G(2M) PM2.0G(2M)
    IBM T40(P)/T41(P)/T42(P) R40/R50(e/p)/R51(e)
    DELL D500/D505/D600/D800/8600/500m/600m/700m/M60
    HP NC6000/NC8000/NC4000/NC4010

    Intel 915:
    PM730(1.6G) PM740(1.73G) PM750(1.86G) PM760(2.0G) PM770(2.13G) PM780(2.26G) 915
    IBM T43(P)/R52/Z60M
    DELL D510/D610/D810/510m/610m/710m/M70/M20
    HP NC6120/NC6220/NC6230/NC8230/NW8240/NC4200/TC4200

    CPU Intel 945:
    T2300E(1.66G) T2400(1.83G) T2500(2.0G) T2600(2.16G) T5200(1.6G) T5300(1.73G) T5500(1.66G) T5600(1.83G) T7200(2.0G) T7600(2.33G)

    Motherboard 945:
    IBM T60(P)/R60/Z61M(e/p)
    DELL D520/D620/D820/520m/620m/M90/6400/E1505/M65
    HP NC6320/NC6400/NC8430/NW8440/NX9420/NW9440/NC4400/TC44009

    CPU Intel 965:
    T2370(1.73G) T2390(1.86G) T2410(2.0G) T3200(2.0G) T5450(1.66G) T5750(2.0G) T5800(2.0G) T7100(1.8G) T7300(2.0G) T7500(2.2G) T7700(2.4G) T8100(2.1G)

    Motherboard 965:
    IBM T61(P)/R61(e/i)
    DELL D530/D630/D830/530m/630m/1525/1420/1520/1720
    HP 6910P/8510P/8710P/6510B/6710B9 |7 R1 W& p- |: d( x

    TL50 TL52 TL56 TK53 TK55 TK57 TL60 TL62 TL66 ( Chung )
    QL60 QL62 QL64 QL66RM70 RM72 RM74 RM75 RM77 ZM80 ZM82 ( Chung )

    Chủ để tiếp tục được cập nhật.
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  3. oubella

    oubella New Member

    Nov 10, 2015
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    Thank you

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