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Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD-CG410/CG510 NM-A681

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Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD
Model Name: 80QQ
CG410/CG510 NM-A681 Rev.1.0
Schematics LCFC CG510 NM-A681 r0.2

100-15IBD CG410/CG510 NM-A681 Rev 1.0

NM-A681 KB_pins=26 (JKB1) PD0=7 PD1=11 PD2=13 PD3=18 PD4=14 PD5=10 PD6=17 PD7=15 BUSY=4 STB=12 AFD=1 INIT=8 SLIN=9 KSI4=5 KSI5=6
boardview NM-A681 R02.tvw
NM-A861 TOP.pdf
NM-A861 BOT.pdf

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UE1 - it8586.bin.zip
42.3 KB · Views: 2,578

UC3 - w25q64.bin.zip
3.8 MB · Views: 5,331

LCFC CG510 NM-A681 r0.2.pdf
1.4 MB · Views: 6,157

128 KB · Views: 1,382

NM-A681 R02.tvw.zip
720.6 KB · Views: 2,622

NM-A861 BOT.pdf
91.3 KB · Views: 1,064

NM-A861 TOP.pdf
78.6 KB · Views: 985

i just inform in this board code NM-A681
have 3 different bios version.So always save original and match bios version otherwise will not give display.
1st: 0QCN04WW
one more have...

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