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  1. Telkomsel
    Lenovo X1 Corbon 4th Gen LMQ-1 12298-2 25L12873F.rar
  2. Touseef Khan
    Touseef Khan ThienBui
    dear i need toshiba smsc mec 1609 dump
  3. Sebasclimbo
    Sebasclimbo admin
    My friend gave me Toshiba satellite u840w ultrabook to fix. Hard drive replacement. Problem is laptop has bios password and my friend doesn't know what is correct one.
    Anyone knows how to clear it.
  4. Sebasclimbo
  5. Sali Trisno
    Sali Trisno
    bios 6-71-E5Q0-D02A.GP
  6. johnson y
    johnson y hienlaptopgovap
    please send you lg 14z970 bios. thanks
  7. Sandeep singh Dhaliwal
  8. awesome
    awesome admin
    i want to be member of vinafix ,i am a laptop technician of country nepal so plz help me out
  9. DSLZJ
  10. Thảo nguyễn
  11. jawaljawad37
  12. malamgeer
  13. malamgeer
    malamgeer jawaljawad37
    how to unlock 820-00850-a
  14. malamgeer
  15. jitendra upadhyay
    jitendra upadhyay
    How to download bios file
  16. shanavaskizhisseri
    shanavaskizhisseri ThienBui
    hello 20 sec delay
    1. ThienBui
      Please comment below topic i check and help
      Apr 16, 2019
  17. shanavaskizhisseri
    1. shanavaskizhisseri
      dell clear me bios
      Apr 16, 2019
  18. shanavaskizhisseri
  19. JAFARtrx
    JAFARtrx vnn567
    Hi,i have toshiba QOSMIO G40-12C how cost to unlock the response code
  20. vnn567
    vnn567 bushmann
    i am waiting you
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