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  1. Yayan abah
  2. Yayan abah
  3. phuhoangit
  4. Juniorduc44
    Just having trouble with my MSI GT80 2QC y'all HELP!!!
  5. zafar123
    Dear admins I want bios password removing tool is there any one who has it? i would like to purchase it.
  6. Dinusha
    Dinusha ThienBui
    I need Da0fl8mb8c0 rev:C bios please
  7. Touseef Khan
    Touseef Khan ThienBui
    need asrock h67de bios
  8. muhammad
    sorry if errorsI easy speak english
  9. muhammad
  10. cumelsk
    cumelsk biosnotebook
    ak potrebujete bios predávame na okbios.sk
  11. cumelsk
  12. Ebarduil
  13. iqi
    iqi ThienBui
    please I need the bios of the laptop 11k145tu
  14. seifeddine
    seifeddine ThienBui
    hi i need A1708 EMC 3164 820-00840-A bios thnx
  15. opeltema
    opeltema Sergey Filatov
    Сергей, здравствуйте!
    Вы оставляли комментарий: Здравствуйте . Вы можете найти схему на этот ноутбук MECHREVO мистер Х6 ? материнская плата - MBPNTSN158-1310 NTSN1511 В1.0

    Скажите, удалось ли найти схему?
  16. kameras
    kameras ThienBui
    I can not download 2 resources I have already paid
    1- How to Discrete Conversion to UMA
    2- List model Disable RAM
    thank you
  17. aryan@12
    [email protected]
    Laptop repairist
  18. MohamedTouil
    MohamedTouil ThienBui
    hi a need schematic file for board : AR10SQG-6050A2640401-mb-a01
  19. morshed208
    acer n17w6 note book bios need
  20. Raffaelesarracino
    Raffaelesarracino ThienBui
    Salve sono nuovo del forum, volevo chiedere se potreste aiutarmi,
    ho un imac 21" 820-00431-02 di qui ho blocco uefi (dimenticato) Bloccato e non riesco a fare istallazione di osx, ho comprato dal sito i bin 820-00431-a ma non bene, se invio il file potreste pulire (help help) la mia mail e [email protected] se mi inviate un contatto dove posso inviare il file grazieeeeeee
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