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Totals 3.0.15


  1. ThienBui
    6.57 MB
    OS version:
    10.8 or higher
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    Name: Totals
    Version: 3.0.15
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: Serial
    OS version: 10.8 or higher
    64 bit
    Whats new:
    Stock record dates is now editable .
    Added arrow option to slide in projects of individual clients.
    Added option to filter line items by balance type in the Usage tab.
    Added "week of year" and "week of month" placeholders.
    Remembers now last selected salutation option.
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a decimal input bug addressing quantity values greater than 1000.
    Cost price input field was displaying only 3 decimal places.
    "Drag cost prices" option was not adopted in catalog inspector before.
    Fixed a bug that prevented layouts from saving.
    Dutch translation bug
    Courtesy of Special K
    Totals is a full-featured invoice application for SOHO or business users. Designed from scratch for the power and beauty of the Mac OS, it makes life easy for its users.
    Totals is a combination of powerful features and a simple user interface. Every single step, every single process is well thought-out. One window for each database–create invoices, estimates, catalogs, and items; add clients and suppliers; even design layouts–all in one window.
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    Version: 3.0.15
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