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Video Switch Pro 1.5


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    Switch Pro
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    Name: Switch Pro
    Version: 1.5
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: KG
    OS version: OS X 10.9 or later
    Block connections to:
    Follow instructions.txt to generate serial and activation key.
    Courtesy of C.O.R.E.
    Switch 1.5 February 2015
    Fixes and Enhancements
    • New! Now available for Windows
    • New! Supports extraction and playback of CEA-608 & CEA-708 captions
    • New! Supports playback of SCC, DVB, TTML (iTT and SMPTE-TT captions) and WebVTT subtitle files
    • New! Fullscreen playback
    • New! Supports playback of MXF(OP-1a proxy)and MXF(OP-1b)files
    • New! Supports playback of Apple ProRes XQ
    • New! Supports playback of 10-bit uncompressed YUV (‘v210’) video.
    • New! Now includes validation of audio and video codecs for iTunes Store packages
    • New! Now supports export of 32-bit signed integer and 32-bit floating point LPCM audio in both big and littleendian formats.
    • Modernized User Interface appearance
    • Improved viewing of AS-11 DPP metadata
    • The screensaver is now disabled during playback
    Bug Fixes
    • Chapter order is now recalculated if the chapter time is changed manually using the timecode box and chapter time is set before/after another chapter
    • MXF DNxHD 4:4:4 10 bit RGB files made with Adobe Premiere will now open and play in Switch
    • A-Law and μ-Law PCM are now audible in Switch
    • Fixed several bugs that could cause exports to be malformed if the movie, track, or media duration could notbe expressed in the given timescale in 32-bits
    • Fixed an issue where files created by Switch could not be used in Omneon or Vantage Server 6.3 becausethe component type value of the 'hdlr' atom was null
    • Alpha channels are now passed on in transcoded exports to ProRes 4444
    • Displayed position of captions is now adjusted for changes to CLAP
    Known Issues
    • HEVC support is experimental, please notify Telestream Desktop Support if you have an HEVC file that cannot play back in Switch
    • When using SCC caption files, the first caption must be at zero timecode to be displayed in sync with the video
    • 59.94 timecode is displayed in 29.97 with two frames per timecode when doing double rate de-interlacing
    Full Release Notes: http://www.telestream.net/download-files/switch/1-5/rel_Switch_1.5.pdf
    More info: http://www.telestream.net/switch/overview.htm

    Multiformat video player, inspection and conversion tool | Switch

    Multiformat video player that allows you to play a variety of web and professional media formats, inspect and adjust the properties of the file and export a new file. Download and try for free.

    Switch is a media playback, inspection and conversion tool for professionals that gives you everything you need to play, inspect and correct your multiformat media in one easy-to-use application.
    Play it
    Trust Switch for frame-accurate, smooth playback of all your media files, including captions and subtitles.
    Check it
    Open the Switch inspector to view
    in-depth media information in a well-organized display of container, video, audio & subtitle information.
    Switch it
    Make changes: trim, scale or crop your media; rearrange audio tracks; change speaker assignments, rewrap your media, and more.
    Use the iTunes export preset to easily create an asset-only iTunes store package, complete with content and XML file.
    High-quality Visual QC
    A single tool that plays all your media and displays in-depth information about it ensures more accurate streamlined QC. Switch gives you frame-accurate playback of professional media files, with controls such as single-frame stepping, JKL navigation, and more. You can also view subtitles and captions.
    Caption playback and verification
    Switch lets you playback embedded CEA-608 & CEA-708 captions, as well SCC, DVB, TTML (iTT and SMPTE-TT captions) and WebVTT subtitle files to verify timing and accuracy. Switch is the only software player with full support for CEA-708 caption decoding, including advanced 708-only features like Unicode character support. See MacCaption / CaptionMaker for caption creation.
    Deep file inspection
    Backed by trusted Telestream technology and experience, Switch lets you see all the information you’d ever want to see about your media in one intuitive well-organized tool. See metadata (including DPP), bitrate, video essence and codec, audio channels and speaker assignments and much more.

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