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Productivity Storyist 3.1.1


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    Name: Storyist
    Version: 3.1.1
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: Serial
    OS version: 10.9 or higher
    64 bit
    Whats new:
    Storyist now imports metadata (index cards) for a Scrivener text file even if the underlying text file is not present in the Scrivener project.
    Storyist for Mac no longer presents the "note can't be found" message after you delete a file from a project in Storyist for iOS. Previously, if a project file was displayed when you quit Storyist for Mac and then deleted in Storyist for iOS, the next time you opened the project in Storyist for Mac, you'd see a dialog saying the file could not be found.
    Storyist again displays the Find bar when searching large text files. In version 3.1, Storyist displayed the Find panel for find operations on text files over a certain size.
    Paper sizes are no longer set to have a very small size when connected to certain printers.
    Storyist no longer crashes in certain circumstances when resolving a sync conflict.
    Storyist no longer becomes unresponsive when switching between some custom workspaces.
    Courtesy of The Blade
    Storyist is a powerful story development tool for novelists and screenwriters. With an intuitive interface that puts you in control, Storyist provides:
    A word processor with a page layout view and support for headers, footers, and style sheets.
    A storyboard with customizable story sheets for tracking your plot, characters, and settings.
    A project manager with fast, project-wide search capabilities to keep your writing organized and accessible.
    More info: http://storyist.com/index.html
    Storyist - Home

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