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Music Resolume Arena 4.2

OS version: 10.7

  1. ThienBui

    Name: Resolume Arena
    Version: 4.2
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: KG
    OS version: 10.7
    Processor type(s) & speed: intel
    RAM minimum: 1
    Video RAM: 1
    Resolume 4.2 Released - Smoother and Faster
    4.2 improves on the stuff that you use every day. The stuff that allows you to do your amazing shows on screens all across the globe. Because we know this is what matters to you most. A stable, fast and healthy application.
    New DXV 3 codec
    Faster playback, smaller files, better image quality. What more can you ask from a codec?
    For most content, file size has gone down 25% when using an alpha channel. Increased file size is no longer an excuse to render your footage without alpha. Luma keying is sooooo 2004.
    There is now a high quality option in the codec for those cases where your subtle gradients were showing banding. Beware, with great power comes great responsibility: files are twice as big in this high quality mode. So use it where banding is an issue, not as the default render setting.
    2 SMPTE Inputs
    Because 2 is better than 1.
    Workflow is improved with nice big buttons on the layers & clip panels and you’ll see the timecode on the toolbar so it’s there where you need it.
    Smooother playback
    This one caused quite a few grey hairs on our balding skulls It took us very long to find out where exactly things were going wrong, but we finally improved playback smoothness.
    To get the best results, render your clips on 30fps (not 25), use the DXV codec, set the playback to timeline (not BPM) and remove audio from your clips.
    Respect Bypass on slices with layer input
    You can now set a slice to ignore the bypass of a layer. This way you can hide a layer from the composition but still use it in the advanced output.
    So here it is. Our baby. Her name is Resolume 4.2, she’s stable, fast, beautiful, super healthy and ready to discover the world. Download.
    [NEW] Two SMPTE inputs
    [NEW] DXV 3.0 Codec
    [NEW] Respect Bypass on slices with layer input
    [NEW] Mac QuickLook plugin to show DXV thumbnails and previews in Finder
    [NEW] Show Display Info has more detailed info
    [NEW] Deck focus is the default focus instead of Layer
    [NEW] Noisy Effect, Noisy Blend Mode, Grid Effect
    [NEW] New demo footage deck
    [FIXED] Improved playback smoothness
    [FIXED] Alpha not recognised in Animation codec
    [FIXED] Improved support for APC20 and APC40 MK2
    [FIXED] Smpte offset spinner doesn't work on clip level
    [FIXED] Sources and effects not loading
    [FIXED] Crashes with some corrupt DXV files
    [FIXED] Double clicking a comp file still opens the last loaded comp
    [FIXED] Blackmagic mini monitor crashes Resolume
    [FIXED] Flash crashes with autopilot
    [FIXED] Problems with rendering to DXV in After Effects and Cinema4D
    [FIXED] Transitioning from a clip with less than 100% opacity, starts the transition at 100%
    [FIXED] Alpha Type interpretation switches after save and reload
    [FIXED] File codec and Alpha channel not recognised correctly
    [FIXED] MirrorQuad renders black line with DXV files
    [FIXED] Resolume reports screen size as 0x0
    [FIXED] After creating a new composition, the blend modes of the previous comp are still shown
    [FIXED] Improved Mac Pro multi screen performance
    [FIXED] Wipe transitions up, right and left have a small jump at start
    [FIXED] midi/osc/dmx mapping smpte delay is not possible
    [FIXED] Decklink 4k rgb support
    [FIXED] Memory usage increases slowly on audio files
    [FIXED] Still images with custom duration values are reset after relinking
    [FIXED] DXV Codec Compression type checkbox (in AE DXV Settings dialog) hit area size too small
    [FIXED] Cannot load BMD4K device when Decklink is in use
    [FIXED] When starting a comp with a BM device, it will default back to its first setting
    [FIXED] Switching to a deck with an active BM device

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