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Utilities Querious 2.0 962

OS version: OS X 10.7 or later

  1. ThienBui
    Name: Querious
    Version: 2.0 (962)
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: K

    OS version: OS X 10.7 or later

    Block connections to:

    Yosemite Compatible Patcher

    Courtesy of Special [K]

    Version 2.0 - Beta 21 - March 12, 2015 - Build 962

    Fixed a problem in the Table Content view where columns may be hidden in certain situations.

    Full Release Notes: https://arweb-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/downloads/querious/releasenotes/q-962.html
    Querious Release Notes

    Querious is the best MySQL database management application for OS X.

    View, search, edit, import, export, build, configure, and monitor your MySQL and MariaDB databases easier than ever before. With Querious, you can even open up raw CSV or Tab files and easily split, join, reorder, add, remove, and process columns and rows, and then convert the whole file to another format in a snap.

    Querious 2 makes working with your databases even easier. With well over 170 new features and improvements, no stone was left unturned when enhancing every aspect of the work you need to do.

    From the addition of full support for events, triggers, functions, procedures, and views, the server error log, slow queries, server status, and query transcripts, all the way to the fastest importing and exporting on OS X, Querious 2 has covered it all.

    What's New in Querious 2?

    Querious 2 is massive upgrade, throughly enhancing appearance, usability, features, performance, and everything inbetween. So far we've added OVER 170 NEW FEATURES and improvements.

    Here's just a small sample...

    Full support for views, triggers, functions, procedures, and events
    Blazing fast import and export (even faster than mysqldump!)
    Duplication of databases (including data!), even between servers
    Monitor server status and running processes
    Access the server Error Log and Slow Query log
    Rich and powerful editor for CSV/Tab files
    Table relationship mapping
    Significant table data editor improvements
    Upgraded custom query autocomplete and table reference
    More convenient little goodies than you can shake a stick at
    And much more!

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    Version: 2.0 962
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