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Utilities PopChar X 7.1


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    PopChar X
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    Name: PopChar X
    Version: 7.1
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: KG
    OS version: OS X 10.6 or later
    Block connections to: www.ergonis.com
    Courtesy of C.O.R.E.
    Release Date: May 28, 2015
    PopChar X 7.1
    When a new version is available, PopChar now shows a message that tells whether the new version is free.
    The Registration window now contains information about the issue date of the registered license key.
    When a new version is available, you can now check the new features before downloading the new version.
    Works around a bug in FileMaker, where certain characters could not be inserted.
    Fixes a bug in the export of favorite characters, when some favorite characters were outside the basic multilingual plane.
    Fixes a confusing message when a new version is available.
    Internal improvements in the implementation of update checking.
    Built-in installer adapted to new functions and appearance of Yosemite.
    Works around an occasional installation problem when the target folder was not writable.
    The installer now helps with purchasing and updating licenses when the current license does not cover the new version.
    When an emoji character is not available in the current font, it is now shown in the Apple Color Emoji font, which avoids empty cells in the PopChar table.
    Faster startup.
    Reduced memory footprint when PopChar is not actively used.
    PopChar now shows the names of the Emoji skin tone characters (which are not yet defined in the currently official Unicode version 7).
    Improved reliability of the formatted insertion technique.
    Works around a situation where the character table was scrolled to an unexpected offset after a font change.
    Fixes a problem that resulted in an invisible registration hint in trial mode.
    Works around an issue that could result in increasing memory usage over time.
    More Info: http://www.ergonis.com/products/popcharx/
    PopChar - fonts and characters at your fingertip - type special characters quickly and easily

    PopChar makes "typing" of unusual characters easy without having to remember keyboard combinations. Whenever you need a special character, PopChar is there to help. Click the "P" in the menu bar to display a table of characters. Select the desired character and it instantly appears in your document.

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