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Video Playr 2.0


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    Name: Playr
    Version: 2.0
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: Pre-K'ed
    OS version: 10.10 or higher
    64 bit
    Whats new:
    - New beautiful chromeless user interface.
    - Subtitle rendering re-written from scratch.
    - Less memory usage when rendering subtitles.
    - Subtitle styles re-invented. Many new options.
    - Edit your custom subtitle styles and watch them update in real-time.
    - Subtitle alignment. Left, Center or Right.
    - Bold font faces available for your subtitle styles.
    - Double-click the player view to toggle fullscreen mode.
    - Fixed some memory leaks.
    - The Gray icon is back!!!
    Thanks to source, you know who you are
    Playr - Video playback simplified
    Playr was made solely to focus on your video viewing experience. It's not crammed with extra features for organizing files or to make playlists and such. You don't need to install any extras or plug-ins to view your favorite movies, it just works. Playr has been carefully developed using the latest available technologies with a meticulous attention to details. It's user interface is clean, stylish and simple to use. Hope you'll enjoy it!
    Main features
    - Play almost any video file without the need for extra system extensions or plug-ins.
    - Doesn't depend on QuickTime or AVFoundation for playback.
    - Automatically loads and displays embedded subtitles or subtitles from external files.
    - Smart built-in subtitle search engine... find your movie or tv show subtitles in a breeze.
    - Supports all the major subtitle formats.
    - Supports styling tags in subtitle files like italic, bold and underlined.
    - Supports subtitles in right-to-left languages like Hebrew.
    - Fully customizable subtitle display (font, size, color, shadows, etc).
    - Convenient metadata inspector that automatically pulls info from the net... with links to IMDb.
    - Detailed movie inspector for all those nitty gritty details.
    - Retina graphics user interface.
    - Retina resolution subtitles on your Retina Mac.
    - Fullscreen player built-in (of course).


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