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Productivity MindNode 2 2.0.1

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  1. ThienBui
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    What's New in Version 2.0.1

    • Performance improvements related to window resizing
    • Ensure nodes are ordered correctly after text editing
    • Use shape style from theme when detaching a node
    • Improved Image Picker UI in inspector
    • Prevent blurry knobs
    • Fixes layout issues in Inspector when using right to left languages
    • Correctly set height of help popover
    • Fixed a crash in theme picker
    • Ensure that no text is cut off in personal theme extraction sheet
    • Unfold subnodes when dragging nodes onto a folded node
    • Use the correct focus ring style for bordered nodes
    • Show correct shape in shape border slider in Inspector
    • Improved battery usage when using a device with internal GPU
    • Fixed missing user guide when using right to left layout
    • Fixed blurry segmented control in sticker picker
    • Improved background color palette
    • Support deselection when command• clicking on a selected node
    • Fix visual glitch when inserting a new parent node
    • Show an alert when MyMindNode upload fails
    • Improved MyMindNode connection issue handling
    • Support dragging of colors from color well
    • Renamed the default sticker set to “topics”
    • Prevent covering of sibling nodes during text editing
    • Fixes an issues that prevented connection creation
    • Fixes a crash when opening the theme extraction sheet
    • Fixed several localization issues
    • Fixed an issue with too many newlines during RTF export
    • User better hyphenation in outline

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