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Utilities Maverick SSHD v1.6.8

Maverick SSHD v1.6.8

  1. ThienBui
    Maverick SSHD
    7.64 MB
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    Crack Type: Regged
    Release Date: 27.12.2014
    Release Size: 2x 4.89 mb
    Release Type: Application
    Operating Sys: MacOSX

    R E L E A S E N O T E S

    Maverick SSHD is a server-side Java
    component that enables developers to
    quickly integrate an SSH/SFTP server into
    their own application. The component is
    designed specifically for intensive
    server-side applications and is built to
    take advantage of the optimized NIO
    classes provided by the Java Development

    Maverick SSHD delivers maximum possible
    performance for your heterogeneous
    security solutions and has been
    integrated into a wide range of finance
    military and business solutions

    The Maverick SSHD API is fully
    extensible. As a developer, you are able
    to plug-in your own authentication
    processes, control your application's
    threading requirements and create custom
    file systems for access via SFTP. This
    level of configuration is exclusive to
    our SSHD, no other solution offers the
    same degree of control over resources and
    the opportunity for easy expansion

    i N S T A L L N O T E S

    1) Unpack
    2) Install
    3) Register
    4) Enjoy!

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    Version: v1.6.8
    Ứng dụng MAC OS X
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