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iTools 2.4.0

iTools for Mac

  1. ThienBui
    What's new?

      • iTools 2014 Beta 0724 What's new:
      • 1.Support Real-time desktop feature;
      • 2.Support AirPlay mirroring feature;
      • 3.Optimize enterprise signature application installation;
      • 4.Fix some application installation failed;
      • 5.Fix capacity is not accurate in some cases.

      • iTools 2014 Beta 0320 What's new:
      • 1.Add devices connect failed tips;
      • 2.Add jailbreak but unpatched tips;
      • 3.Add clear cache in Preferences;
      • 4.Fix documentation is missing when install apps;
      • 5.Add iOS 7.1 Photos support;
      • 6.Fix tag is missing when inport music.

      • iTools 2014 Beta 0125 What's new:
      • 1.Music and Ringtone support mp3/m4a/wav/wma/ape/flac/ogg files;
      • 2.Video support mp4/m4v/mov/flv/webm/3gp/rmvb/mpg/mkv/avi/wmv/vob/ts files;
      • 3.New Contact management.

      • iTools 2014 Beta 0113 What's new:
      • 1. Support iOS 7 Jailbreak devices;
      • 2. File System add the jailbreak common directory;
      • 3. File System add the "Go To" quickly locate;
      • 4. Optimize the interface to add operation button;
      • 5. Fixed iPhone applications can't be installed to iPad;
      • 6. Fixed reading PDF ebooks crash sometimes.

      • iTools 2014 Beta 0101 What's new:
      • 1.Ringtone supports mp3, wav, m4a formats;
      • 2.Optimized to reduce the package size.

      • iTools 2013 Beta 1211 What's new:
      • 1.Fully compatible with the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air and iPad mini 2;
      • 2.Fixed import music shows the messy code;
      • 3.Fixed USB Disk can't import files on Jailbreak device.

      • iTools 2013 Beta 1108 What's new:
      • 1.Supports iOS 5;
      • 2.Optimization application load speed;
      • 3.Added help entry;
      • 4. Fixed application floating operation button dislocation on Retina model;
      • 5. Fixed application document management can't import;
      • 6. Fixed can't read photo on 10.6 system.

      • iTools 2013 Beta 1018 What's new:
      • 1.Fixed application crashes sometimes;
      • 2.Fixed some ePub can not display it's cover;
      • 3.Fixed ePub exported are the same sometimes;
      • 4.Fixed ePub can repeated import.

      • iTools 2013 Beta 0930 What's new:
      • 1.Fully supports iOS7 & iTunes 11.1;
      • 2.Supports Full Screen Mode;
      • 3.Fixed some crashes;
      • 4.Automatically sort the list of applications;
      • 5.Optimize Device Connect Window;
      • 6.Fixed other issues.

      • iTools 2013 Beta 0917 What's new:
      • 1.Supports iOS7 GM;
      • 2.Added "Install" context menu in application manager.

      • iTools 2013 Beta 0910 What's new:
      • 1.Added Simplified and Traditional Chinese;
      • 2.Fixes some problems on previous version.

      • iTools 2013 Beta 0903 What's new:
      • 1. Rebuilt the iTools for Mac from sketch. It’s more like a Mac application;
      • 2. Redefined the features for what’s most of our users need indeed;
      • 3. Runs faster, and much more stable than ever;
      • 4. Supports iOS7 Beta6 and iTunes 11.0.5

      • iTools 2013 Beta 0116 What's new:
      • 1. Greatly optimized the stabilization of iTools.
        2. Noticeably improved the photo loading speed.
        3. Refined usability when selecting and drag in/out multiple photos.
        4. Disabled ejecting device when reading data to prevent damaging the device.
        5. Dragging and dropping .txt files to eBooks is supported.
        6. Fixed a bug that may cause Photos and Movies malfunction when more than one device are connected.
        7. Supports rearranging app icons on iPad mini.
      • iTools for Mac 1108 What's new:
      • 1、Support import TXT file into the e-book catalog
        2、Support equipment storage capacity information display, and the display of the device details
        3、Support users to directly upload feedback crash log
        4、Support automatically detect the upgrade of the apps and to download and install.
      • iTools for Mac 0928 What's new:
      • 1. Apps upgrading can be detected automatically.
        2. Better experience for apps installation, uninstallation and backup management.
        3. New features in managing ShareDocs for apps.
        4. Local apps: install apps in batch.
        5. Local apps: better experience for upgrade and install apps.
        6. Available for install apps from local apps into more than one device at the same time.
        7. Optimized Contacts, Notes, and Bookmarks modules.
        8. Available for import and export contacts from Gmail.
        9. Support iOS6 and iPhone5.
        10. Bug fixed: showing thumbnails issue of imported images on device.
        11. Other bugs fixed.
      • iTools for Mac 0702 What's new:
      • 1. Picture management: Import, export or delete photos in iOS5.X devices.
        2. Now you can create delete or manage photos in photo albums.
        3. E-book management: Import, export or delete e-book.
        4. New UI: Better experience.
        5. Application upgrade optimized.
        6. Mobile hard drive: Easier to import & export.
        7. Desktop management optimized.
        8. Desktop button icons optimized.
        9. A bug in desktop management and applications has been fixed.
        10. Open SSH Tunnel, System Log and iTunes Launch Setting are added in Advanced Function.
        11. Guides and instruction optimized.

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