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Utilities HAL 9000 Screensaver – Advanced Edition 4.0

HAL 9000 Screensaver - Advanced Edition - Version 4.0 [Full Screen]

  1. ThienBui
    Name: HAL 9000 Screensaver - Advanced Edition
    Version: 4.0 [Full Screen]
    Mac Platform: Intel
    OS version: OS X 10.9.5 or later

    HAL 9000 Screensaver - Advanced Edition - Version 4.0 [Full Screen]

    This app installs a screen saver file to ~/Library/Screen Savers

    84 separate animations - Triple the number of animations that appear in the Basic Edition Screensaver
    Stage 4 artwork - Completely revised Stage 4 artwork created using HD source material
    No splash screen delay - Splash screen launch delay from Basic Edition Screensaver is removed
    Flat or shaded backgrounds - Choose from either background colour style to suit your visual preference
    GPU rendering - Greatly improves animation performance while reducing overall CPU usage
    Random play - Plays a different sequence of animations each time the screensaver is launched
    Dual monitor support - Functions across dual monitors and plays a different animation on each
    Portrait monitor support - Support for both portrait and landscape monitor orientations
    Mixed orientation support - Support for portrait and landscape monitor orientations at the same time
    UltraWide (21:9) monitor support - Supports UltraWide 21:9 aspect ratio in both landscape and portrait orientations
    Mixed aspect ratio support - Supports dual monitors with different aspect ratios at the same time
    Mac OS & Windows installers - Provides both Mac OS & Windows installers


    It is recommended you have the latest Adobe Flash player version installed. Get Adobe Flash
    If you run into issues with the screensaver after installing future OS X system updates, read this page from the developer: "Notice for users of Mac OS X operating systems"

    More Info:p://halprojecth.com/

    Animated Screensaver inspired by the HAL console animations.

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  1. Anonymous
    Version: 4.0
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