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Education Geometrix v1.1.1

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    Geometrix v1.1.1 *RETAIL*

    Cracked by: CORE Release-Name: CR-ET8ZR.ZIP
    Supplied: CORE Release-Date: 2014/10/28
    Packaged: Bergelmir Release-Type: Education
    Protection: DRM OS: MacOSX
    Crack/SN: None Language: Bilingual
    Rating: [You decide!] Disks: 1

    DESCRiPTiON: Geometrix is a software that brings You the joy of geometrical
    drawing on Macintosh using compasses, a set square and a ruler:
    You won't have any graduated rule nor a protractor, everything can
    be done with these two items

    With this software You can draw straight lines or circles using a
    pencil or a paint brush. When the drawing is finished, You could
    erase the paper pencil drafts leaving only the brush strokes
    A big number of examples of geometrical figures is given for
    imitation. You will find here some common geometrical exercises
    but also drawings of religious and philosophical symbols

    Every drawing is a document that can be saved or printed using the
    classic menu functions

    Languages: EN, FR

    iNSTALL/REGiSTER NOTES: Unpack and enjoy

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