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Disk Space 2.2

Phần mềm quản lý HDD

  1. ThienBui
    Disk Space is an app that shows disk drive information. This includes hard drives, external drives, network drives, DVD’s, CD’s, memory cards, and USB drives. Scan your home folders for a sortable list showing their size on your hard drive. Then single click in the scan results to drill down to subfolders.


    - Size information for disk drives, network drives, DVD’s, CD’s, memory cards and USB drives
    - Single click eject for DVD’s, CD’s, memory cards and USB drives
    - Scan home folders for sortable results with size information and graphs.
    - Single click drill down to subfolders in home folder scan results.
    - Right click menu to Show in Finder for drives and folders.
    - Resizable window
    - Full Screen mode
    - Retina display support

    Important Notes:

    1. First time that you use the home folders screen you need to complete a one time setup.
    2. If your home folder is not in the standard location, you need to look at Disk Space Pro.
    3. If you want to scan outside of your home folders, you need to look at Disk Space Pro.
    4. If you want to see files and hidden items in scan results, you need to look at Disk Space Pro.

    Disk Space is a great way to look at your drive, folder, and file information. Just give it a try!

    We'd like to know how to improve Disk Space, Contact us at Abacus Industries http://www.abacusindustriesinc.com

    Abacus Industries Inc. - Home of Image Viewer for Mac

    We are a computer software and consulting company. Our newest Mac app, Image Viewer, is an image and photo viewer. We also make utility apps including Disk Space Pro and Disk Space Tab. Check them out on the Mac App Store.

    Thank you for all of your support! Over 25,000 people have downloaded Disk Space!

    Disk Space.

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    Version: 2.2
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