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Productivity Desk 1.3.1

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  1. ThienBui
    10.21 MB
    OS version:
    10.9 +
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    Name: Desk
    Version: 1.3 MAS
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: Pre-K'ed
    OS version: 10.9 +
    What's New
    • Create a folder in iCloud Drive
    • Posting to Squarespace is fixed
    • New logic for WYSIWYG and Markdown Modes
    • Create JS file for Preview
    • Heading issue in WYSIWYG
    • Copy and paste issues
    • Pasted images not uploading
    • Markdown inline images, optional title issues
    • Numbered lists issues
    • App crashing on post to WordPress
    • Drafts from Tumblr not showing consistently
    • Double-nesting of unordered lists
    • Parsing issues, general text formatting
    • Blockquoating issues
    • More than one "More Tag" could be inserted
    • WYSIWYG export picture to HTML issue fixed
    New features:
    • Post Formats for WordPress and Tumblr (Text, Photo, Quote, Link - more are planned!)
    • Typewriter Mode!
    • A New Preview Mode!
    • Scheduled Posts!
    • Captions for Images
    Courtesy of TNT team
    Desk is a premium writing experience for all types of writers.
    Whether you're a casual enthusiast, the weekend writer, blogger, or digital publishing professional, you'll find Desk to be a much-needed breath of fresh air.
    Designed to marry both function and form, it is the desktop publishing client that you've always wanted: Simple, intuitive, powerful, and fast.
    Fall in love (again) with writing via an app that helps you focus and concentrate on what matters most: Your thoughts as they coalesce into written form.


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