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Utilities CrushFTP v7.2.0.88

CrushFTP v7.2.0.88

  1. ThienBui
    43.58 MB
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    Crack Type: Regged
    Release Date: 27.12.2014
    Release Size: 9x 4.89 mb
    Release Type: Application
    Operating Sys: MacOSX

    R E L E A S E N O T E S

    CrushFTP handles FTP, SFTP (SSH FTP)
    and WebDAV SSL. WebDAV allows you to use
    the OS X Finder to connect to the server
    and work on it as if it were another hard
    drive on your machine. Read, write
    rename. all with WebDAV. The built in
    fully customizable WebInterface allows
    you to present a website to customers so
    they can easily upload files to you, or
    download files to you. It has support for
    drag and drop uploading on the Web site
    as well as the ability to upload folders
    while zipping them on the fly. This saves
    time and bandwidth. Or you can use the
    browser uploader to queue up file
    transfers and submit them all at once
    Easily setup e-mails to come to you when
    a user uploads a files. You can drag and
    drop folders on a user to grant them
    access to the folder. The user will then
    only be able to access that folder
    Lastly, the plugin support for CrushFTP
    allows for a whole new set of expandable
    features. Includes extensive logging
    options and auto ban usernames features

    i N S T A L L N O T E S

    1) Unpack
    2) Install
    3) Register
    4) Enjoy!

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    Version: v7.2.0.88
    Ứng dụng MAC OS X
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