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Committed Source Control Notifications 2.0

Developer Tools

  1. ThienBui
    Committed Source Control Notifications
    3.19 MB
    OS version:
    10.8 +
    Apps Store:
    • YES
    Name: Committed Source Control Notifications
    Version: 2.0 [MAS]
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: K
    OS version: 10.8 +
    Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
    RAM minimum: Not Listed
    Video RAM: Not Listed

    Rebuilt from the Ground Up
    Committed has been rebuilt and architected with future possibilities in mind! We're taking advantage of super fast Apple technologies like Grand Central Dispatch and CoreData to bring you a solid application built for the future. This means we can keep up with the growing needs of demanding developers like you!
    Unzip and move the app to your Applications folder.
    Committed - Source Control Notifications for Developers
    Keep track of your Source Code, wherever it happens to be!
    Committed uses OS X’s Notification Center to let you know when the source code changes in the repositories you care about!
    The Magical Panda has rebuilt Committed from the ground up to bring you more stability, faster downloads, a more usable interface and a roadmap for the future.
    Sometimes you miss notifications. Committed lets you view your past commits right from the status bar. Commit details are also available for you without the need for a web browser.
    Currently Committed works with Github and Enterprise Github accounts. We’re working on adding more services in updates!
    Committed is built by a a small, independent developer, dedicated to bringing you great apps. We want to hear how we can make Committed even more useful for you!
    Desktop Notifications
    The Notification Center in Mac OS X is a great way to see your recent commits. Keep an eye on the commits you care about.
    Multiple Accounts
    The Panda understands that you're a social developer. You contribute to great, worthy open source projects. You have private, shared projects with friends. And, you also have a great gig that uses an internal Enterprise Github installation. Committed was built for all of you!
    Watch All the Repos You Care About
    ...and ignore the ones you don't care about. You've starred a repo because you don't want all the email that comes with watching a repo on Github. But you still want to see how a project progresses without constantly visiting the project page. Committed lets you stay up to date with all your repositories on Github, starred, watched, public or private with quick and subtle out-of-the-way notifications.
    See All the Commits!
    The Magical Panda knows you're a busy developer. Sometimes you're focused on your code, and notifications just float by. But what happened to that commit from a few hours ago? With an all new interface, Committed keeps track of all the commits you care about, letting you easily go back in time and seeing what happened.


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